Noble Crawford III Reaches Three Best Seller Lists with ‘The Authority Mindset’

Published on August 28, 2014

Entrepreneur Noble Crawford III is featured in the new book, “The Authority Mindset.” The book recently reached three Amazon Top Ten Best Seller lists and is currently available in the Amazon Kindle bookstore.

This triple best-selling book reached the #1 spot in the ‘Professional Development’ category, the #2 slot in the ‘E-Commerce’ category, and the #4 slot in the ‘Web Marketing’ category on Wednesday August 13, 2014.

The book was compiled from conversations, mastermind sessions and the experience of top marketing consultants around the world on the specific and powerful topic of Authority Positioning. Each contributing author has spent years helping entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, not just with marketing tactics, but with developing “The Authority Mindset” that is required to gain the expert recognition from prospects, customers and even national media.

Crawford’s entry point into entrepreneurialism happened 22 years ago. At that time, he was learning creative design for websites. He soaked up everything that he could find about building web pages, html, CSS and learning how to upload content through FTP. He was presented with an opportunity to design the very first website for a non-profit agency called Hope Farm, Inc. (

Crawford got his feet wet with the web hosting and web design, but quickly re-discovered his childhood love of video. Hope Farm, Inc. was instrumental in introducing him to the business of video; they wanted to have the ability to put videos on their website.

Today, Crawford helps entrepreneurs and small businesses engage effectively to convert prospects into customers by using strategic marketing with an emphasis on video content, and social media. “I’ve become well-versed in creating video that is impactful. I focus on creating truly valuable content and really understanding, listening, and communicating the message that the client wants to portray. I help them craft that message, shape it and mold it in a way that’s going to produce the best result,” says Crawford.

Video is one of the most effective methods of positioning yourself as an authority. Audio content is great. Printed material definitely has its advantages. But video commands the attention of the viewer more than any other media and provides the single greatest opportunity for you to build rapport so that your prospects get to know, like, and trust you as the authority in your field.

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