Bestselling Author Kevin Hempstead Offers Free Copy of Black and Blue

Published on April 10, 2018

Kevin Hempstead, author of the bestselling Black and Blue, is currently offering a free copy of his new book to visitors to his website.

Kevin Hempstead is a motivation public speaker who focuses his attention on minority citizen interactions with law enforcement. His new book, Black and Blue: Pathways to a Positive Interaction between African-Americans and the Police, discusses many of the critical aspects and problems of the current relationship between minorities and members of local, state, and national law enforcement. For a limited time, Hempstead is offering a free copy of his book to visitors to his website. His hope is to promote peaceful and progressive interactions between police and members of minority communities through dialogue, cooperation, and understanding.

Black and Blue is a candid and helpful examination of the current situation existing between law enforcement and the Black Community. Hempstead points out that “there is good and bad in every profession, including law enforcement.” Using his own experiences and current research, he explores the reasons for the popularity of Black Lives Matter; the statistics involving crime against people of color; the decisions that lead to peaceful police stops; the use of cameras in interacting with law enforcement; peaceful protest and how it can be used effectively; and how police help minority communities. The book offers 10 Best Practices when pulled over by the police to help minorities survive these encounters and build strong communication with police officers.

According to the author, “While understandable that police officers should be more cautious than careless, any person not attacking or brandishing a weapon should survive a police encounter—regardless of race, gender, or any other factor. Solutions to this critical issue are included in this book!” Hempstead hopes that, with his guidance, readers can learn more effective ways of communicating with law enforcement and build strong bonds in their own communities.

For a limited time, readers may download a free copy of the book at

About Kevin Hempstead: Kevin Hempstead is a motivational speaker and author who focuses on helping minorities interact peacefully and effectively with members of law enforcement. His new book offers tips for those who are stopped by the police to help them have positive interactions.

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