Activist, Motivational Speaker and Writer Lea Ann Mallett Takes On Her Biggest Cause Yet: Inspiring A New Model of Activism

Published on April 9, 2018

According to Lea Ann Mallett, the world needs a new definition of activism, and she is on a mission to show people just how powerful they are and how to use their power for good.

From leading protests to creating thriving nonprofit organizations, Lea Ann Mallett has always had a passion for changing the world. She wrote her first protest letter to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau when she was 9 years old and really hasn’t stopped since. When she was older, Mallett’s activism got her arrested on a couple of occasions – once, after sitting in a tree for three days as to sound the alarm on clearcut logging in a pristine ancient forest that was later saved.

Mallett then channeled her activism into the nonprofit sector, leading two organizations as executive director and raising millions of dollars in support. Under her leadership (and with her knack for attracting international media attention to key conservation issues) she helped create big changes, including significant new land protection policies in Canada

But today, Mallett has tackled her biggest cause yet: inspiring a new generation of grassroots activists by changing how people think about activism itself.

Mallett realized that the conventional view of activism – such as marching in the street or getting arrested – accidently excludes a lot of people and turns them off, just when the world needs them the most. “Our inaction – personal and collective – has potentially catastrophic consequences,” Mallett says. “I realized we needed a new definition of activism.”

Mallett gets people to think about activism in a new way: not as a series of protests, but as a regular part of their daily lives, through what they do every day, as a series of positive daily actions. “The new activist is someone who recognizes that their daily actions are changing the world, and they intentionally choose actions to create the world they want,” Mallett explains. “It turns out we all are activists, changing the world every day with our actions, big and small, changing the world for better or worse.”

Mallett is dedicated to helping with people with unique ideas who want to get their message out into the world. In addition to coaching and writing, she is getting her own big ideas out in signature talks, including presentations at TedX Santa Barbara and Latornell Conservation Symposium.

“Lea Ann Mallett is a passionate, engaging speaker with a long history of mobilizing communities to take action for positive change,” says nonprofit leader Stephanie Crocker. “Lea Ann’s analysis of current events and her sharp insights lead her to see events unfolding long before they actually do.”

“She’s equal parts inspiring and challenging,” says Dr. Jeff Levinson, who attended Mallett’s recent TedX talk. “Lea Ann is a firm believer in the notion that each one of us, each day, has the capacity to make this world a better place.”

Mallett believes this new activism challenges people to be truly aware of the change they make every day. “And that small shift can change everything,” she says.

Lea Ann Mallett speaks to audiences around the world, large and small, about individual and collective responsibility, empowering them to take positive daily actions, big and small, to change the world for the better.

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