Bestselling Author Stephen Paluszek Reveals The Secrets Of Successful Business Growth Using Skills And Ideas

Published on November 29, 2019

A book on creating money quickly in business, featuring Stephen Paluszek, has become an instant best-seller. The book, entitled 13 Key Strategies to Make Money FAST In Business Without Ads or a Big Following, is an anthology of true-life accounts of entrepreneurs that manifested money quickly, using only their skills and ideas. The aim of the book is to change many people’s lives, and help entrepreneurs to get on their feet more rapidly.

Stephen Paluszek is a Real Estate Productivity Coach from Huntington Beach, California. He helps realtors to hit 6 figure income in their business by improving their skills and business strategies. However, Stephen wanted to challenge himself to address the dilemma that many entrepreneurs face, especially at the beginning of their career. How can the entrepreneur quickly leverage their skills and talents, in order to rapidly increase their cash flow right now?

“Imagine you want to make money fast, and you want to attract your ideal clients and make consistent sales, using your own skills and talents, but you don’t know where to start. Now imagine you can ask 13 very different, successful people exactly how they did this very thing. How valuable is that knowledge going to be to you? At least one of them is going to give you an idea of how to do this, and the confidence and direction to get going. The thing I’m most excited about for this book, is its potential to inspire an improvement in someone’s bank account without spending a dime on ads,”- Author Stephen Paluszek

13 successful entrepreneurs, including Stephen, were invited to co-author this book. In his chapter, he focuses on the consistency that is needed to make money from their business – no matter how new or established. Throughout the book, various income generating techniques are revealed that require no advertising spend, and with no need for a large following online. Each entertaining and highly readable account outlines a different method of making money fast. It’s a definite page turner!

While acknowledging that there are universally helpful ways to think about an approach to making money fast, this varied collection of true tales shows that the creativity of the individual is what really counts. Adding surprising angles of value, giving clients exactly what they want before they even know they want it, looking for potential income in unusual places, and using your own creative, innovative approaches are all covered in this inspiring volume.

“Running a successful business can seem like an endless journey. The key is to have a vision and to stay consistent every day. Before you know it, you’ll achieve all your dreams and desires!”- Author Stephen Paluszek

The book is available from Amazon, and the authors are:

Stephen Paluszek

Dr Izdihar Jamil

Amanda Rush

Azlin Ishak

Arooj Ashraf (Author),

Dr Hanim Romainoor

Ija Juhari

Nikoleta Djordjevic

Dato’ Sayed

Alfeizal Ahmad

Datin Shomiriza Shomidan

Dr Sawiah Jusoh

Silas J Lees

Tyson Sharpe

Yentti Amir

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