Rick Dwyer, AIF®, President & Founder of Argallus Financial Group, Inc. Reveals What You Need to Know About Planning Your Financial Future On Business Innovators Radio

Published on November 27, 2019

President & Founder of Argallus Financial Group, Inc., Rick Dwyer, AIF®, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host Mark Imperial talking about What You Need to Know About Planning Your Financial Future

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Mark Imperial, Rick Dwyer, AIF®, President & Founder of Argallus Financial Group, Inc., discussed What You Need to Know About Planning Your Financial Future.

According to Dwyer, AIF®, people work for decades to provide for their families and they should have peace of mind for the second half of life.

Dwyer, AIF®, said “Everybody’s goals, dreams and desires are different. Our mission is to show you how you can get to the comfortable income that you want in retirement and just never have to worry about it again”.

When host Mark Imperial asked what folks should be asking themselves when beginning to plan for retirement Dwyer, AIF® answered, “I think the most important thing that people ought to ask when they’re getting ready to retire is how do they want to enjoy their retirement? And I’m specifically not asking what do you want to do. In other words, I’m not saying do you want to travel? Do you want to spend time with the grandkids? I’m talking about when you’re in retirement, do you want to be managing your portfolio on a daily basis? Or, do you want to have things set up so that you know that your retirement income is not only going to last for the rest of your life, and your spouse’s life if you’re married; but be able to pass a legacy on to your heirs, or to your favorite charity, and do so in a way that you already know is going to happen, because that’s really the choice”.

During the Interview Dwyer, AIF® shared common situations his clients face when first coming to see him, explaining, “The main common denominator is no matter where they are on the economic spectrum, they all want to know that they’re going to be able to enjoy their retirement the way that they had dreamed that they could”.

Rick Dwyer, AIF® Fiduciary, President & Founder of Argallus Financial Group, Inc.

The interview concluded with Dwyer, AIF® saying “One of the things that we want people to know is what is the risk tolerance level that you are comfortable with. And what we do is a very scientific approach. It’s very detailed. And instead of coming up with just being conservative or moderate or aggressive, we actually give you a number and that number ranges from one to 99 and once we know that number, then we’ll analyze your portfolio to see if your level of comfort with risk is in line with your portfolio. Normally, just to do that risk tolerance, that takes us a little over an hour. We usually charge $125. We’re doing that for free for anybody that contacts us directly as a result of this interview”.

To listen to the full interview on Business Innovators Radio, visit https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/rick-dwyer-fiduciary-president-founder-argallus-financial-group-inc/

To learn more about Rick Dwyer, AIF®, please visit https://argallus.com/

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