Better Living Through Blockchain: Blockchain Pundit Jamil Hasan has Released a New Book

Published on March 16, 2018

On March 2, 2018, Jamil Hasan has formally released his book titled Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance. In his book, Hasan provides his readers with relevant and fascinating information that illuminates the myriad ways that the new and revolutionary Blockchain technology will change people's lives. At of the time of Hasan's book release, Blockchain is still a relatively new technology, and for this reason, the full economic and social impacts of this technology still remain to be seen.

Why read Hasan’s book?  One reviewer had this to say about Hasan’s book on an review posting, “He takes concepts that are hard to understand, and makes them simpler to grasp. I had no previous knowledge about Blockchain tech, and now I have a better understanding of that and currency in general”.

What is Blockchain? In his book, Hasan notes, “Blockchain technology is decentralized control”. Hasan explains the basics of Blockchain in the following manner, “At its’s heart Bitcoin is also a shared database”. Concerning the basic nature of the Blockchain technology’s first application, namely the development of Bitcoin, Hasan had this to say, “Invented in 2009 by a consortium of workers who collectively called themselves “Satoshi Nakamoto,” the bitcoin software largely consists of a very secure ledger that lists all of the transactions that coin has ever gone through. The ledger is open sourced, which means that anyone can access it, and that no central authority-like a bank or government -can control it”.

Why is blockchain important?  In the preface to his book Hasan offers his readers a set of solid explanations that detail his reasons for writing his book and elaborate on why he considers Blockchain technology to be such an important game-changer in the near future. One part of the book’s description available on notes, “The book daringly explores how Blockchain technology can make a difference in improving America’s education system, cracking the Glass Ceiling, altering employment outlooks, and improving every person’s financial future”. 

Concerning Blockchain’s growing economic and social relevance, Hasan notes, Ultimately that’s the focus of this book: using Blockchain technology to build and inclusive economy, one that benefits all members of society. The focus is on opening the door to serious consideration of creating businesses and opportunities using open sourced Blockchain technology. It’s designed to appeal to risk takers, entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone else who dares to dream the American Dream and make that dream a reality. Most of all it’s about building a sustainable abundant future that is open to everyone.

About Jamil Hasan, Hasan currently works as a business consultant and has positioned himself as an industry-leading expert in the field of electronically tokenized money; however, this up-and-coming international Blockchain expert has refused to limit his interest in this new technology to financial matters alone. Hasan currently advised six different companies that specialize in applying Blockchain technology to different aspects of everyday life ranging from money to cybersecurity.


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