Bill Westerlund PGA Teaching Professional Announces Search For One Touring Professional Not Making Enough Cuts

Published on May 23, 2016

Bill Westerlund PGA teaching professional has discovered the "missing link" in the golf swing that keeps a professional from making cuts. Bill is searching for PGA touring professionals to receive complimentary training.

Bill Westerlund, PGA teaching professional, and developer of ‘core breathing for golf’ said “professional golfers are no different than any other business person. They want one thing out of their career, to make more money. Their goals are, first, to make the cut then finish in the top 10 or better yet to win.”

Bill is taking applications from PGA touring professionals that want to make more cuts, finish higher and win. The person selected will not pay a cent for this training and will not be asked to replace any of his or her team.

The first cornerstone of Bills revolutionary discovery are lessons learned from the golfing great, Ben Hogan. In Ben’s book “Five Lessons” he explained how he formed his swing in three elements: his core-generating energy, his muscle tension coordination and the physical way he moved his body from the ground up.

The second was realized from Martial Arts classes. In those classes Bill discovered the importance of breathing with your core.

In applying those principals in a scientific process to his golf swing, he discovered that improvement in distance and accuracy was immediate. Bill teaches his method in San Diego and has seen dramatic improvements in his students.

Bill wants to give this discovery to one tour player, either male or female, who wants to improve their performance and make more cuts.

Bill says “A tour player has a good swing and most have a full team of coaches and advisors; a personal trainer, a swing coach, a sports psychologist and others. I do not want to replace any of those people. But I do want to help the chosen athlete realize their dream and I am going to do that at no cost to the applicant.

“I am asking any PGA tour player that wants to take advantage of this offer to send an e-mail telling me about your history on the tour and what your goals are for the future. Include your personal phone number and I will call so we can talk further.”

If the chosen player is in Southern California and within driving distance from San Diego, there will be absolutely no charge to the player. If the chosen player is outside that area, travel and expenses will be charged to the player.

You can contact Bill by e-mail

You can see the article mentioned above about Ben Hogan’s internal motors by visiting the posting page on Bill’s Web Site

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