Paul R McMenamin, Disrupts the Attorney-Client Model with “The Legal Sanctuary”

Published on May 23, 2016

Paul R. McMenamin of McMenamin Law Group offers a new “radicalized“ approach to litigation and corporate matters.

Flag-shipping the McMenamin Law Group, Paul R. McMenamin offers a new “radicalized“ approach to litigation and corporate matters. One based on principles such as compassion and understanding as opposed to a monetarily focused firm, viewing clients as quotas. MLG seems to be disrupting the normal practice of law and morphing it into part results-oriented coaching, part goal-oriented legal outcome, an approach as successful as it is unique.

This old model of, high up-front retainer requirements, itemized billing from calls, emails and copying documents, is how the 99.9% of Attorneys still operate according to McMenamin. He stated, “That old model is broken”, it’s catching clients many times, under extreme stress making costly emotional decisions.

According to McMenamin, the solution comes first – the legal strategy is an outgrowth of that—nothing more, the last thing a client wants when entering a law firm is to be bombarded with legalese that aims to distract them from an unreasonable fee structure.

With a Law Degree from Notre Dame and over 30 years of experience working in large New York law firms as well as top private equity firms, Paul R.McMenamin has seen best (and worst) practices in a variety of settings. His firm creates what he calls “The Legal Sanctuary”, a more humanistic, heart-centered approach focusing on the clients’ outcome first, then within their acceptable budget.

In a typical day, McMenamin will service Corporate Management Transactions, handle Public Company SEC filings such as 10K’s and participate in litigation cases involving FINRA and the SEC. With this type of case work, anyone would expect MLG to follow the old rule of billing, but this isn’t the case.

One distinct way McMenamin Law Group sets itself apart from the competition, McMenamin says, getting to know the client on a personal level before engaging discussions of services to be offered. Rather than taking on clients that are obviously not going to succeed with the sole intention of getting money from them, He believes attorneys should be more transparent regarding particular strengths and weaknesses of their clients’ transactional matters. The solution should always come prior to the legal work, and he leads by example on this.

Citing the great recession as a perfect opportunity to ensure that clients are receiving the litigation or transactional help they need, McMenamin gives his clients an invaluable service when so many other doors were closing on them during this period of financial hardship. MLG’s core philosophy can be best described by Paul McMenamin himself, “We’re listeners, we’re problem solvers. We work very hard. We take each client, large or small, as serious as the large one or the small one can be. We don’t rank people, there’s no ecosystem in our practice. That’s where the altruism comes and that’s where the care comes.”

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