Biohacking Expert, Allyssa LaScala, Shares The Five Mindset Hacks For Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Published on July 16, 2019

Biohacking Expert, Allyssa LaScala, was recently interviewed by Growth Strategy Pro about The Five Mindset Hacks For Conquering The Weight Loss Roller Coaster.

Growth Strategy Pro recently caught up with Biohacking Expert, Allyssa LaScala, to discuss her insights on the five mindset hacks for conquering the weight loss roller coaster.

According to LaScala, the health and fitness industry as a whole has failed the public miserably when it comes to lasting weight loss.

LaScala said, “People need to know that this whole ‘weight loss roller coaster’ thing is not their fault. They are constantly being bombarded with new fads or gimmicks every single week, trying to convince them that this special diet, or that supplement, or this particular workout is the golden ticket to getting results. But the industry is setting them up for failure. No one is talking about the mechanism that is actually responsible for 95% of lasting weight loss results.”

When asked what is the key to beating the trends and actually losing weight for good, LaScala said, “You can have the perfect nutrition plan, the most incredible fitness program, a badass accountability system… but if you do not master your subconscious body, you will never be able to achieve and maintain the results you so desperately deserve.”

During the interview LaScala outlined her five mindset hacks to master the subconscious body, get results, and make them last:

  • Find your anchor. “Just like a boat must anchor itself to stay grounded when water and wind get rough, you must find your own anchor to help you stay grounded as you have countless other variables trying to knock you off your path during your journey,” LaScala says. “You know how it goes. As soon as you set your goal and decide that you’re going to finally put yourself first, problems magically come out of the woodwork. You can wake up, ready to take on the day, motivation on point. But then the kids won’t stop bickering as they’re getting ready for school. You hit every accident that exists on your way to work. The donuts in the breakroom won’t stop tempting you. And the bottle of pinot noir is calling your name by the end of the day. There are endless things, people, and events that are going to try and shake you. Your anchor will help hold you steady.”
  • Break through the resistance. LaScala continued, ”To break through all of this resistance, you have to start by acknowledging that everybody goes through it. We have to get out of the victim mentality and know that resistance happens. It is inevitable. Noticing it in your day is one way to disentangle from it. Take note of the environment you’re in and the people you’re around when you experience it. Self-awareness is a major factor in identifying resistance and pushing through it.”
  • Stop the lies. “Limiting beliefs, or the lies that we tell ourselves, are a HUGE reason why we fall off the bandwagon,” LaScala remarked. “I will always be overweight because it’s in my family’s genetics is a major one that I hear. Chances are, you didn’t come up with these beliefs on your own. It is highly likely that they were given to you by parents, co-workers, friends, partners, and you subconsciously adopted them as your own thoughts. You have to bring these beliefs to light so that you can decide what new beliefs you want to have about yourself instead.”
  • Set it straight. “You need to take control. One of the most imperative steps is implementing boundaries, with others and with yourself. If you do not set boundaries, you will not be in control of your life — your life will control you and your results,” added LaScala.
  • Identify your triggers. LaScala continued, “With 95% of your decisions, actions, and beliefs coming from your subconscious, you better know what triggers them. When you feel unmotivated, when you feel compelled to emotionally eat, when you feel tempted to veer off course — take note of what you were just listening to, who were you just talking to, what shows were you watching. Likewise, take note of those same factors when you’re feeling inspired, motivated, and unstoppable. You have the power to control the input that triggers the thoughts, decisions, and actions necessary to achieve lasting results.”

The interview concluded with LaScala saying “Master the subconscious body and you will master your results.”

Allyssa LaScala is the Biohacking Bombshell, and helps men and women achieve their health, fitness, and healing goals without the fads, gimmicks, and hype of the weight loss industry. She does this by biohacking the body so her clients can get the results they desire and deserve without crash dieting, counting calories, or overexerting themselves in the gym. She has been featured in PhillyFit, SHEGRNDS, multiple podcasts and other fitness media.

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