Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister, Relationship Coach & Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Of The Book “The Science of Attracting Love” Talks About “Everything Love” On Business Innovators Radio Interview

Published on July 17, 2019

Levister's one of a kind dating book provides single women the science behind the advice while presenting it from a positive-energy point of view. A singles dating guide helps them attract healthy relationships while teaching them to avoid pitfalls.

On this episode of Business Innovators Radio with host Tom Chesser, Shay ‘Your Love Diva’ talks about her Amazon # 1 bestselling book, “The Science of Attracting Love.” Plus, shares her journey and the lessons she has learned while giving advice mixed with old school rules, the science of human behavior, and the “Law of Attraction” to help empower singles seeking true love while navigating the dating scene.

Shay Levister, ‘Your Love Diva’ is a certified dating and relationship coach trained in hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and the Rapid Transformation Technique. Plus, graduated pre-med biology. She is an author and speaker who specializes in all things love and has a thriving coaching practice. Levister has published magazine articles and has been a guest on radio and television shows. She has spoken around the world and has coached several celebrity clients and helped them attract love. She has been where many single women who are seeking love have been and is trained to help them find the love and marriage they deserve.

Levister considers her most rewarding titles to be “wife” and “mom.” Shay is happily married with four kids to her high school sweetheart. Shay first met her husband-to-be when she was 14 years old; however, they lost contact for several years after she graduated from college, and he left for the Airforce. After experiencing the worst relationship failures and disappointments that included a divorce and a half, Shay decided it was time to follow her advice and get whole. After months of counseling and self-healing, she serendipitously ran into her childhood best friend and first love. Eventually, their relationship blossomed into more than a friendship, and it has been a magical love experience ever since. They love date nights every Friday night, making lasting memories while traveling the world with their four children, and building a powerful empire together.

During the interview, Levister shared some advice that can be found inside the pages of her book, The Science of Attracting Love
Chapter 1. Getting Over Your Barriers
Chapter 2. Get Ready to Receive
Chapter 3. The Perfect Partner for You
Chapter 4. Preparing Yourself
Chapter 5. Avoiding The ‘Don’t Wanters’
Chapter 6. Married Men
Chapter 7. The Ivy League
Chapter 8. Securing Three Dates A Week
Chapter 9. The Dating Process
Chapter 10. Do Your Due Diligence
Chapter 11. Taking It To The Next Level Using Old School Rules
Chapter 12. The Magic Bullets
Chapter 13. You Have the Man
Chapter 14. Signs That He Is No Longer Feeling You
Chapter 15. Sex Education for a DIVA
Chapter 16. Creating Healthy, Promising Relationships
Chapter 17. Keep the Ball Rolling

About The App:
The companion app, Cup of Love, was created to help people seeking love and a better quality of life to stay in the power of attracting what they desire. This free application provides the user with daily affirmations that assist with the attraction process.

Here Are What People Are Saying About Her Book, The Science of Attracting Love.

“I am a divorced mother of two kids. I always settled when it came to relationships but was stuck in my way of doing things. ‘The Science of Attracting Love’ helped open my eyes to the fact that I was settling when it came to love. I am now dating an amazing guy who treats me like a queen. Get the book!” – KW, South Carolina

“I felt like such a failure when it came to dating. I made so many mistakes that I was gun shy about getting hurt again. Once I read ‘The Science of Attracting Love,’ my mindset changed! I am now equipped with how to heal my issues and attract love. My boyfriend is absolutely amazing! I can not believe I settled in the past!” – SD, Atlanta, Ga

“My life changed after I read Shay’s book. I went from going six years without a date to having multiple options a week. My new problem now is figuring which great guy I would like to settle down with.” – TH, Houston, TX

“I am a professional woman who always had it together. I have everything that a girl could ask for: a home, cars, great career, and wonderful friends, but I still felt like I was missing something. Shay’s book helped me complete the puzzle! It was as if I was a man magnet and finally able to magnetize my soulmate. This book is like magic!” – MP, Chicago, IL

“I felt so empowered after reading this book. After leaving an abusive relationship three years ago, I was determined to get it right this time and attract a healthy relationship. With this book, I discovered all of the things that were holding me back. Shay taught me secrets to men and dating that I have never read anywhere else. This book is a must-read for all woman.” – RS, Miami, FL

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