Black Men Rock Radio Set for Launch on May 1, 2015 – Coach Michael Taylor’s Latest Effort to Reach Black Men

Published on April 23, 2015

Michael Taylor, coach, radio personality, and author of the bestselling book Black Men Rock, is ready to launch his next venture: Black Men Rock Radio. The podcast will launch on May 1, 2015; it is a personal-development broadcast designed to empower black men to live extraordinary lives. The podcast will feature coaching sessions for relationships, health & fitness, financial issues, and motivational matters.

Fresh from the success of his bestselling book Black Men Rock, leading life coach for today’s black men Michael Taylor is ready for his next venture, the launch of Black Men Rock Radio. Black Men Rock Radio will launch on May 1, 2015, and will be available exclusively on Black Men Rock Radio is a podcast that will compliment Taylor’s book and coaching philosophy by emphasizing the importance of empowering black men to live extraordinary lives. In launching Black Men Rock Radio, Taylor will have a new and important vehicle to spread his message of empowerment. 

According to Taylor, “Now more than ever, black men need a powerful resource to support them in creating and maintaining a positive mindset, and to help them deal with the multiplicity of challenges they are faced with on a daily basis. Despite recent events, I still feel very strongly that black men are positioned to experience unprecedented levels of success in this country, and my commitment is to provide them with resources that support them in living extraordinary lives.”

Black Men Rock Radio will be a regular podcast that brings Taylor’s coaching sessions to a wider audience. The podcast will deal with a variety of topics, including relationships, health & fitness, financial success, spirituality, and many more. Most of the podcasts will be facilitated by Taylor himself, and he will also post and feature many motivational and inspirational audio and video files on the podcast’s website. To enhance the listener experience even further, Taylor will feature interviews and audio clips from other coaches as well, all of whom are committed to empowering black men.

Taylor will be using Black Men Rock Radio to get his message out to even more black men. As with all of his work, he will emphasize the need for black men to step outside the box society often puts them in, to allow themselves to grow into loving and productive members of society, and to reach their full potential. 

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