Lisa Williams and Tamika Bridgewater Announce Speaking Tour for Real Estate Professionals after Reaching #1 on Amazon

Published on April 23, 2015

The Authority Broker: A Different Approach to Attracting More Agents, Sales, and Recognition by Lisa Williams and Tamika Bridgewater recently reached #1 on an Amazon bestseller list. To celebrate that fact, the authors are hitting the road to discuss the important message found in the book. Williams and Bridgewater will visit real estate professionals and talk with agents and brokers about a unique way of setting themselves apart from their competitors.

Authors Lisa Williams and Tamika Bridgewater recently had reason to celebrate when their book, The Authority Broker: A Different Approach to Attracting More Agents, Sales, and Recognition, reached #1 on an Amazon bestseller list. The #1 ranking came in the Business & Money category under Real Estate Sales. The book targets real estate professionals and teaches them how to establish authority in their industry and set themselves apart from their competition. The message of the book has been well-received by real estate professionals, so Williams and Bridgewater are taking their message on the road to talk directly with real estate agents and brokers.

The authors will begin their tour on May 1, 2015, and will visit real estate offices throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. At every stop, they will speak to real estate professionals about Authority Marketing. They will engage brokers and agents by talking to them about their current marketing activities. Then they will show them how to implement marketing strategies that they are not currently using and most likely have never thought of. They will also teach these agents how to market themselves by generating goodwill in their communities. Finally, they will discuss how to use national media to develop credibility and authority in their field, and thus attract homeowners who will seek them out because they want to work with an expert in the industry.

Lisa Williams is a media and positioning strategist and founder of Media Authority Marketing, a Los Angeles-based marketing and PR firm that specializes in Authority Marketing. She helps position professionals as the authority in their field. She described The Authority Broker and the upcoming tour this way, “The Authority Broker is for any real estate professional, not just brokers and agents. There are many strategies presented in the book that allow real estate professionals to set themselves apart in a new and credible way. So even if they are new to the industry—a mortgage or loan officer or credit restoration specialist—or are an established agent, they can quickly get positioned as the go-to professional in their niche.”

Tamika Bridgewater is a marketing specialist and a licensed real estate agent with over 15 years of experience. She brings real-world expertise to the book that she co-authored with Williams. Bridgewater had this to say about her involvement with the book and her experience with Authority Marketing: ““I have been a licensed realtor for 15 years, so I know the market. And I know how competitive the market is to get buyers and sellers. I’m excited to share these concepts and opportunities with other agents to help them grow their business.”

So far, the book and its message have been well-received in the real estate community, with one realtor stating, “I never thought of marketing myself this way!  Being a realtor for over 10 years, I am always looking for a way to carve out a piece of the market for myself, and this book showed me just how to do that.”

The Authority Broker is currently available on for download to a Kindle reader. The book is a short read, only 39 pages.

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