Blissful Real Estate Investor Moneeka Sawyer Launches Her New Show Real Estate Investing For Women EXTRA On Binge Networks TV

Published on February 11, 2019

Real Estate Investor and Founder of The Blissful Real Estate Investor Way, Moneeka Sawyer, was the featured guest on Amazing Women and Men Of Power – Raven International TV Network with host Raven Blair Glover talking about her new show Real Estate Investing For Women EXTRA.

On a recent episode of Amazing Women and Men Of Power – Raven International TV Network with Host Raven Blair Glover, Moneeka Sawyer, The Blissful Millionaire, talked about her new Binge Networks TV show Real Estate Investing For Women EXTRA, and how to take real estate investing to the next level via her Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula.

When host Raven asked, “What’s the difference between your usual podcast show and the Binge Networks TV show with a little EXTRA in it?” Moneeka answered:  “I have been so amazed even myself at how popular the podcast is. It’s about a year old and it’s been in the top ten in real estate investing the whole time. One time it even hit number two, so it’s done really, really well! The show is really about interviewing experts and getting to know their philosophy on real estate and bliss, they give you some tools and some strategies. What I was finding is that my listeners were thinking ‘this is great but I want more I want to learn more about each of these topics’, and that’s why I created EXTRA! EXTRA is the deep dive! So we do the original show for the podcast and then after that, I do an additional interview where we dive deep and we get the juicy stuff and we get some golden nuggets that people can implement right away into their lives and businesses. So EXTRA is all about getting those things that you can implement that are actionable, that’ll take your life and your business to the next level!”

Moneeka’s process, the Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula, shows smart women how to use real estate investing to retire rich. As the host of the podcast Real Estate Investing for Women, she focuses on all the aspects of real estate investing including strategies, mindset, emotional mastery, money smart, and so much more, to ensure her listeners’ success.

When host Raven Blair Glover asked Moneeka Sawyer about Blissful Real Estate and how Moneeka got started with it; Moneeka answered: “Blissful real estate is about running a real estate business in a blissful way. So, I like to say that I want your real estate business to support the joy in your life, even through the whole journey. You don’t want it to cause stress, you don’t want it to take too much of your time and take away from your life. I always tell people I want real estate to support the joy in your life rather than sucking the life out of you.”

Moneeka Sawyer has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years, so she has seen all the different cycles of the market.  Through her strategies, she has turned $10,000 into over $2,000,000, working only 5-10 hours per MONTH with very little stress. Her clients find themselves inspired to take action and achieve massive success through her results-driven programs that also include having fun as part of the process. She is also the best-selling author of the book “Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment,” which was recently honored with the very prestigious Woman of Impact Quill Award by Focus on Women Magazine and the Quill Award for Best Literary Work from the Governor of the State of Maryland.

The interview concluded with Moneeka saying: “Remember, you have control of your future, you can create the success that you want and deserve. It’s your time, you make the choice, choose bliss!”

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