Daniel Gomez Inspires St. Philip’s Early College High School “2018 Academic Awards Ceremony” Speaking About “Valuing Yourself And Your Opinion.”

Published on February 11, 2019

St. Philip's College Early College "High School Awards Ceremony" Hosted By Samuel Diaz Flores, M.A.Ed, Speakers Were Daniel Gomez, Motivational Speaker, And Henry Finley, McCombs Ford West. Tom Chesser, Rise Up Media & Marketing, Covered The Event.

Pictured left to right are Samuel Diaz Flores, Daniel Gomez, Henry Finley.

St. Philip’s College is the pride of San Antonio’s Eastside, and their success stories prove that they are one of the 10 Most Admired Universities and Colleges and Top 20 Community Colleges in Texas. St. Philip’s College Early College High School and Dual Credit programs are partnered with several high schools across the San Antonio and surrounding regions. Some partnerships include various private schools and academies.

Daniel Gomez is the founder of Daniel Gomez Enterprises, a company devoted to developing, strengthening organizations and individuals. Gomez is a dynamic John Maxwell Certified Speaker with 14 years’ experience in the arena of Leadership Development, Sales Training, Team Building, and Confidence Coaching. Daniel is the International Best-Selling Author of “You Were Born to Fly,” a book written to inspire and give people the confidence needed to be the leaders of their destiny. He encourages them to “Be Original,” to love and always believe in themselves, to value their own opinion, and to step out of their comfort zones. It is apparent that Gomez is a “Highly Motivated and Passionate Speaker” that speaks directly from the heart. Gomez believes in exceeding expectations and customizes his presentations for each event. Gomez knows what it’s like to fear the unknown, having lost his mother as a child and facing death at the age of eighteen. He did not let his circumstances dictate the outcome of his life. His positive attitude and approach to life are what makes him very successful in his personal and professional life.

As an added benefit Sponsor Henry Finley, General Manager from McCombs Ford West talked about his journey to becoming one of the most successful dealerships in San Antonio. Finley understands what it takes to work his way up front the bottom to the top. Thank you, McCombs Ford West for giving back to San Antonio, youth and the community.

Chesser, press agent for Business Innovators, Small Business Trendsetters and Authority PressWire witnessed firsthand how Gomez’s energy and enthusiasm captured the audience’s attention from the opening moments of his presentation.

What separates Daniel from other speakers is that he challenges his audiences throughout his talk to think, feel, and believe that it’s never too late to begin something amazing! His authenticity attracts admiration from others. He believes in being truthful and from the heart. His vulnerability and honesty inspire transformation in people’s lives. His unique way of relating and connecting with them is what made this event special and memorable. Gomez raises the level of expectations in people’s lives and helps them to change their limiting beliefs, giving them the tools necessary to succeed and live a positive life.

Gomez engaged and interacted with his audience throughout his presentation; his sole desire was to unlock the untapped potential in these students lives. It is obvious that Gomez loves connecting with his audiences and making it personal. He takes great pride in cultivating leaders and champions. During the presentation, Gomez asked for a volunteer to step forward. A young man by the name of Trey came forward. Gomez handed him a mirror and talked to him about loving and believing in himself. At first, the audience appeared to be glad that they had not stepped forward. However, afterward, they wished it would have been them. It was apparent how much this meant to this young man because at the end of their conversation Trey gave Gomez a huge bear hug! Even when the presentation was over, one timid young lady came forward to tell Gomez how much she liked what he said.

Here is what St. Philips Early College High School is saying:
“St. Philip’s College Early College High School in San Antonio, TX was blessed to have such an amazing keynote speaker at our school in having Mr. Daniel Gomez inspire our students and faculty today for our 2018 Academic Awards Ceremony. I have had hundreds of students coming up to me and saying how much they benefited from Mr. Gomez keynote address. Some of the students were telling me that recently they have been going through some hard circumstances in their lives and that Mr. Gomez’ message encouraged them to keep moving forward, to never give in to fear, to believe in great things for their lives, and to proclaim the things they want for themselves. The teachers and administrators were impressed. Thank you again. I know a lot of student’s lives were spoken to today. If you are looking for an authentic, motivating, and delightful speaker or presenter for your next conference or event, then Daniel Gomez is the speaker you have been looking for!” says Samuel Diaz Flores, M.A.Ed., Physical Education Teacher. At St. Philip’s College Early College High School.

For more information go to www.danielgomezspeaker.com

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