Book by “The Color Whisperer” Jeanette Chasworth Becomes Number One Bestseller

Published on September 15, 2016

According to best-selling author Jeanette Chasworth, "Color influences your actions. Color affects every part of our lives. Each color has a psychological effect on how we respond to our surroundings."

Interior designer, speaker and best-selling author Jeanette Chasworth is known as “The Color Whisperer” – and she is on a mission to transform people’s lives by designing homes they love to live in.

Chasworth has a passion for helping people better understand what color communicates in everyday life, particularly at home. “Your home affects you and your health in subtle ways,” Chasworth explains. “Colors can drain or energize you. Floor plans can expand your space or make you feel claustrophobic. There are many aspects of design that can help you to live a better lifestyle, make daily activities easier, and make your home more accessible for friends and family.”

Chasworth reveals many of her color secrets in her book, “What’s Color Got to Do With It? Paint Color Ideas that Create Balance and Harmony in Your Home.” Chasworth’s book recently landed two number one bestseller spots on Amazon, topping the list in the Interior Design category as well as in the Painting and Wallpapering category. These results were verified by Amazon on September 8, 2016.

Chasworth has been dubbed “The Color Whisperer” for her one-of-a-kind design approach and soulful skill with color. “I believe in the transformational power of design and color. I draw inspiration from the homeowners’ lifestyle, taste and experiences and also attune myself to the house itself,” Chasworth explains.

In addition to writing a best-selling book on color, Chasworth is a frequent guest speaker for various radio talk shows. Her work has been featured in several industry publications that include Fabulous Floors Magazine, Arroyo Monthly, and Arts & Crafts Home. She also hosts a web-based video series (Color TV) and podcast (Color Talk), and is the past President of the Pasadena Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Chasworth’s flexibility and fluency in the language of color and design continues to make a deep impression on her clients. “I highly recommend Jeanette and her vision for bringing out the best in your home,” says client Anu Fergod. “She is a pleasure to work with. Reliability, creativity, and integrity are commodities so rare to find these days. Jeanette embodies all these qualities, and so does the team that works with her.”

Chasworth believes that since your home is your most important possession, you deserve to make it your very own, and that can involve taking bold risks with colors that reflect who you are. “You can make better decisions and create a home that hugs you every time you walk through the door,” Chasworth says. “I strongly believe that when you change the surroundings in your home, your life will be transformed.”

“What’s Color Got to Do With it?” by Jeanette Chasworth is available in paperback and eBook versions. To learn more visit

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