“The Eye Of The Storm” Hits #1 Bestseller Milestone on Amazon Offering Breakthrough Insights On Leading an Organization From a Place of Peace

Published on September 15, 2016

The challenges one takes on as a leader are immense and consequential—they affect leaders lives and those of their employees and customers. Author and successful business owner Brad Borkhuis knows this better than most, providing a proven path to leading struggling organizations to a place of peace, which he uncovers in his new book, “The Eye Of The Storm: Leading From Peace When All Hell Is Breaking Loose.” Recently, he announced the book had hit #1 Best Seller status on Amazon.com.

While some may say “leadership is in the blood”, most insiders agree great leaders use proven methods that can be studied, duplicated and applied again and again.  In the world of business, Brad Borkhuis lives these kind of truths.  Recently, the author announced his new book “The Eye Of The Storm: Leading From Peace When All Hell Is Breaking Loose”, which reveals how stressed out post-startup entrepreneurs & leaders who want to create structure, vision, and contentment in spite of intense work pressure, can create a thriving business and a balanced life. The book has made it all the way to #1 Best Seller on Amazon.com.  Readers couldn’t be more excited.

“The challenges we take on as leaders are immense and consequential—they affect our lives and those of our employees and customers. I wrote this book to help you navigate those troublesome feelings; to learn processes and tips for creating more structure, vision, and contentment in your life; and, most important, to discover how to lead from a place of peace,” commented Borkhuis about his new book. 

According to Borkhuis, there are three top tips that can help business owners and leaders lead from peace, that he goes into in detail in his book.  They include, realizing and understanding that it’s not all about the leader; how the leader can engage with their organization to create an incredible synergy.  Next, the value of Values.  Brad lays out how to connect a business owner or leader’s vision with a set of common values amongst all team members to create that synergy. Finally, having faith in the process and sticking to an established plan and the principles that guided them, no matter what challenges show up.

“The Eye Of The Storm” is available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Early reviews of the book have been passionate across the board.

Peter Scott IV, Founder of The Fearless Life Academy and Bestselling Author, recently said, “This book is a must read for any business owner who is feeling overwhelmed by the challenges and pressures of leading an organization!”

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