Boosting Brand Recognition For Businesses On The Web, Jeannine Clontz Is Helping Clients Get The Word Out

Boosting Brand Recognition For Businesses On The Web, Jeannine Clontz Is Helping Clients Get The Word Out

Providing Internet marketing and social media solutions to businesses, Jeannine Clontz of Accurate Business Services helps clients reap maximum rewards.

Helping business owners improve their online presence is what Jeannine Clontz of Accurate Business Services ( is all about.

“We provide professional Internet marketing and social media solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses who know they need to improve their presence online, but don’t have the time or expertise,” Clontz says.

Filling that niche gives Clontz’s clients the chance to gain from all of her professional expertise and experience without having to take time away from their own businesses to learn those skills themselves. Working with Accurate Business Services, clients can expect to: have their business marketed online using the latest technologies, get results by using a proven system for increasing marketing success, stop having to struggle to do everything alone, build their brands through focused web content and social media profiles, and save time by trusting experts to handle their online presence so they can focus on other aspects of running their businesses.

Helping clients achieve results quickly with minimum turn around time is just part of what Accurate Business Services has to offer. Recently, Clontz says, she was able to help a client increase revenues by thirty percent. She also routinely helps clients save and budget their time more efficiently.

“We are about helping people to get a better return on their marketing efforts and helping them be more successful and profitable,” Clontz says. “Learning and sharing new technologies so they don’t have to, and so they have the best and most cost effective options to help their business grow.”

In business for sixteen years, Accurate Business Services is committed to helping clients with marketing strategy, concept, and branding. Working with a committed team of professionals who are uniquely able to meet the needs of each client, Accurate Business Services puts the priority of quickly and effectively handling client needs at a great value.

“We work in a value-based package model that allows clients to get real results on an ongoing basis while maintaining a clear picture of what their costs will be to achieve those results,” Clontz says. “While we have several basic and advanced packages available on our website, we are also able to create a package to fit any client’s exact needs.”

Helping clients work more efficiently via Accurate Business Services is part of what Clontz does best. Using her expertise and skills, she is able to guide clients through the maze of cost and time management and affordability with a deft hand and an eye on her clients’ bottom line.

“A prospect contacted me to handle her electronic newsletter and once I quoted her the hourly rate, she calculated it based on the time it took her to complete it and said it was not in the budget,” Clontz says. “I asked a series of questions and requested a copy of a recent newsletter be sent to me. What we learned is that what took her five hours to complete only took me one hour to complete, making it an affordable option for her. Within ninety days of working together she saw a twenty percent increase in sales.”

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