Innovative Sales Trainer Frank Felker Hits #1 on 3 Amazon Best Seller Lists with "Recruiting Top Producing Salespeople"

Innovative Sales Trainer Frank Felker Hits #1 on 3 Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Recruiting Top Producing Salespeople”

Echoing Mark Cuban’s mantra, Frank Felker’s groundbreaking book hits #1 in three Amazon Kindle categories by offering “A Systematic Approach To Hiring The World’s Most Valuable Professionals.”

Entrepreneurial educator Frank Felker often jokes that he keeps a shrine to Mark Cuban in the basement of his suburban home.

The reason Felker relates so strongly to the Internet billionaire, NBA owner and reality show star, is not Cuban’s success or celebrity, but his belief in the power of sales to elevate the status of any company, no matter how badly things seem to be going.

“Sales cures all,” Cuban is famously quoted as saying. Frank Felker could not agree more.

in this, his second book on the topic, Felker restates one of his foundational beliefs: Sales is The World’s Most Valuable Profession.

“Economists cite a principle whereby resources flow to their highest-value use,” Felker says. “The reason top salespeople make more money than doctors or lawyers, or often even the owner of the company they work for, is the huge amount of value they create.”

The question is not whether all firms need top-producing salespeople, but how can they get a few on board? How can a company recruit, select, compensate, manage and motivate The World’s Most Valuable Professionals?

Felker, a veteran top producer himself, wrote this book from the salesperson’s perspective to answer that question for business owners and sales managers at companies of all sizes.

“There is a population of top producers out there in the labor pool,” Felker states. “You need to view them as your target market, understand their needs, create a job and compensation plan that meets and exceeds those needs, and then systematically market that job to that demographic, just as you would any other product or service.”

“I’m not surprised Frank’s book went to #1 on multiple lists,” states noted Marketing Authority Jack Mize. “In the 3 years we’ve worked together, every program I’ve seen Frank produce has been filled with actionable answers to real-world marketing and sales problems. This book is no different.”

Frank Felker is a lifelong entrepreneur and sales professional who has generated exceptional results in a variety of industries over his 40-year career. He has trained salespeople and business owners across the country. His first book on the sales profession, The Greatest Job You Never Thought Of, was published by Powerhouse Publishing in 2005.

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