Brand Clarity Mentor, Monica McNeal, Spotlights Muslims Cultivating Love

Brand clarity mentor, Monica McNeal, announces online summit featuring Muslims cultivating love and connection in the community to make a difference.

Monica McNeal, brand clarity mentor and CEO of Magnify Your Message, announces “The Muslim Love Fest: Recognizing Muslims Cultivating Love & Connection in the Community,” an online summit from February 27 – 28, 2017.

“It’s no secret that the Muslim community is struggling despite all of our divine guidance on how to love God, ourselves, and each other,” says McNeal. “The key is just being ourselves, but we need help seeing our value and need inspirational models.”

McNeal’s own life experience is the foundation of the unique concept behind the summit.  A mother of four children with exceptional needs, she went from living in caregiver burnout exacerbated by bipolarism and low achievement to a radical recovery and building her own creative marketing consulting agency. The key was gaining clarity on and owning the value she brings to the table.

“The greatest act of love that benefits everyone is committing to live out your value and being who you truly are. My life changed when I chose to step out as the catalyst I’ve always been to magnify voices of truth and goodness including my own. Now, I help people come into conscious knowing of their value and making their contribution authentically. I am here to help you win.”

“The Muslim Love Fest: Recognizing Muslims Cultivating Love & Connection in the Community” has confirmed conversations with Kathryn Jones, Manal Khalife, Ashar Zahir Shah, Faraj Yousouf, Ranya Ibrahim, and Teria Hunter-Gibba.

McNeal plans to continue offering public service conversations for Muslims and the world. “Magnify Your Message is a platform sharing noteworthy initiatives. We encourage people to come forward, whether with a little or a lot, and take responsibility for being part of the change we need in the world.”


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