Jack Hradesky, P.E., M.S., Best-Selling Author and Tax-Free Retirement Specialists reveals Tax-Free Income Strategies for Retirement on Business Innovators Radio

Jack Hradesky, P.E., M.S., Best-Selling Author and Tax-Free Retirement Specialists reveals Tax-Free Income Strategies for Retirement on Business Innovators Radio

Two-Time Best-Selling Author and Tax-Free Retirement Specialist, Jack Hradesky, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host Mark Imperial talking about Tax-Free Income Strategies for Retirement.

According to Hradesky, there are little-known strategies that can be implemented to position assets into tax advantaged accounts so that in retirement, one can pay as little taxes as possible. He calls the strategies one of the best kept secrets in the United States.

Hradesky, said “My approach is holistic and as unbiased as possible, meaning I use a wide choice of different strategies to achieve the goals of my clients while providing my clients with pros and cons on each strategy.  I also am fully fee transparent, meaning there are no hidden fees in any of my services or recommendations. We work with clients in a collaborative process while educating them and guide them to clarity so as to make clear decisions.”

When host Mark Imperial asked about his role in retirement planning, Hradesky answered, “A good analogy to describe me is that of the role of the ‘closer’ pitcher in baseball who comes into the game in late innings to save the game.  My role is to not only help you accumulate the money you need for retirement, but to also help keep that money as safe as possible, minimize your tax burden, and help assure your money will last for the remainder of your life.”

During the Interview, Hradesky shared how to look at tax savings that a CPA could not address, explaining “The bottom line is to minimize taxes to maintain their lifestyle for their lifetime.  I use strategies that utilize arbitrage like the banks. If it is legal and good enough for the banks, it is good enough for my clients. The goal is to move money from their taxable bucket & tax deferred bucket to the tax-free bucket.”  There are multiple proven & legal strategies to accomplish this.  One must be a specialist in these strategies like a medical doctor specialist being compared with other doctors.

The interview concluded with Hradesky saying, “There are four critical principals in retirement planning:

  1. Take the time to educate yourself on the concepts and strategies. What this means is to understand the outcome or the benefits, the concepts of how the vehicle functions and the downsides.
  2. Read the books and materials I provide, watch the videos, and with my guidance, read the various products’ disclosures.  Do not start researching on  your own as most people do not know what sources are reliable or even what they should evaluate.
  3. Do not expect that your CPA or attorney, alone, can give you sound financial advice in all areas. I am available for joint meetings with my clients and their CPAs and/or attorneys to make sure that everyone is on the same page and understands the proposals and plans I recommend to my clients.
  4. Do not fall into the trap, ”It is too good to be true.” The math will do the talking and there are thousands of cases that prove the math is true.

To listen to the full interview on Business Innovators Radio, visit http://businessinnovatorsradio.com/jack-hradesky-tax-free-retirement-specialist-speaks-with-mark-imperial/.

Jack Hradesky can be reached by email at: jhradesky@ca.rr.com.

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