Brandywine Executive Center Launches the Brandywine Podcast Studio

Published on January 18, 2016

On Thursday, February 4th, the Brandywine Executive Center invites its members to attend the open house of its brand new audio podcast recording studio.

WILMINGTON, DE The Brandywine Executive Center is excited to unveil its state-of-the-art podcast studio at its 300 Delaware Avenue location. The studio will be available to members at a special hourly rate.

Businesses can use podcasts, which can be downloaded or streamed on a computer or mobile device, to broaden their brand, increase their exposure, and build professional relationships by showcasing their colleagues and clients on the shows. Recordings can be scheduled whenever the member wishes—on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly), or just as one-time programs to be presented however they like, e.g. posted on their website and social media feeds, or syndicated through a separate podcast host such as SoundCloud and Buzzsprout.

The Brandywine Podcast Studio’s official launch will be held on February 4th. From noon-2pm, a special VIP Lunch and Learn event, limited to 20 participants, offers a tour of the studio and information about how to produce compelling podcasts (meal included). Then from 2-5pm, there will be an Open House for other members to see the new facilities.

The Brandywine Executive Center is proud to add even more value for its members by introducing this innovative and useful feature.


Where: 300 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19801

When: Thursday, February 4, 2016; noon-2pm (VIP Lunch and Learn), 2pm-5pm (Open House)

For more information about the Brandywine Podcast Studio launch and to RSVP for the VIP Lunch and Learn, call (302) 352-9970.

Company Name: Brandywine Executive Center
Contact Person: Chuck Boyce
Phone: (302) 352-9970
Country: USA