Sixteen Inspired Kickboxers in Sandy, Utah are Wrapping Their Fists to Reach Their New Year Goals

Published on January 18, 2016

For the next forty-five days, sixteen super motivated men and women will be paying extra attention to eating clean, planning their meals, focusing on a positive mind set and of course, kickboxing.

Their goal is to transform themselves into incredible health and vitality. They are competing for $20,000 in a huge transformation contest sponsored by iLoveKickboxing.

In the contest from Sandy, UT are: Rebekah Miller, Jessica Barham, Kristen Faerber, Suzy Davie, Vanessa Black, Jessica VanZant, Norma Tapia, Aimee Sykes, Tiffani Justice, Genevieve Sullivan, Cindy Poulson, Janae Welling, Meredith Columb, Natolie Mendez, Stephanie Ballard, and Elizabeth Jensen.

Kickboxing is one of the most incredible workouts that a person can do if they want to get into great physical condition. According to Google, a good kickboxing class can help burn up to 1,000 calories per hour if a person is working hard. This is much better than traditional aerobics, cycling and weight lifting, which burn much lower amounts of calories per hour of work.

“I am very proud of all the people who have entered this competition. Their willingness to put themselves to the ultimate test and send a message to the world that they are committed to personal excellence, is an incredible inspiration to everyone they meet. I am excited to see how these incredible people transform themselves over the next several weeks and how that transformation will positively impacts their entire lives,” said Brett Lechtenberg, the owner of the Sandy iLoveKickboxing location.

The forty-five day $20,000 challenge is the brain child of Michael Parrella, founder of iLoveKickboxing in New York. The franchise was started three years ago and has become one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world. The franchise prides itself on achieving great results for their clients, providing unprecedented customer service, and going the extra mile to help customers achieve their goals.

Genevieve Sullivan was quoted as saying, “I started kickboxing 8 months ago and it has changed my life in ways I could never imagine! I have more energy, confidence, less stress, increased strength, stamina, and have improved my overall skill and technique. All things I never really thought possible as a full time working mother of 4 children. Being busy and stressed most of the time, I never realized how many benefits I would gain from kickboxing. It’s truly become a passion of mine and has helped me to overcome many things busy adults deal with on a daily basis such as high stress, fatigue, weight gain, poor nutrition, self-doubt, sedentary habits and loss of muscle. I love the challenges of kickboxing and have joined the 45 day transformation challenge because I am highly motivated to not only change my body but sustain and continue reaping all the benefits that I have gained thus far. I Love Kickboxing!”

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