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Published on September 28, 2021

Today, Alex is a leading Shamanic Priestess of Wealth and Wellbeing and an expert at identifying and removing money blocks for her clients.

Alex Vitillo began a career in finance in London and after 15 years in the corporate world realized her passion, purpose and gifts lay elsewhere. After the tragic loss of her husband to cancer, Alex found respite in meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing. Today, Alex is a leading Shamanic Priestess of Wealth and Wellbeing and an expert at identifying and removing money blocks for her clients. Alex is Founder of well- established Breathing Heart Consultancy Ltd which empowers visionaries, high-achievers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs to become the soulful, impactful, and abundant leaders they were meant to be. Alex does this by helping them release debilitating past trauma.

Alex utilizes her unique skills to guide individuals from stress and scarcity to success and prosperity. Using a magical, calming and chic delivery style Alex is a master at identifying conscious behaviors and tapping into subconscious thoughts. She is widely known to help clients reprogram their harmful, negative practices and turn them into healthy methods that suit the lifestyle and career goals that they so deeply desire. Most of her clients are unaware of how these thoughts and behaviors have such a destructive role in their lives and their businesses. Through the healing and teachings of Breathing Heart, many of Alex’s clients can move past previous traumas and find success as they smash through six-figure income ceilings while building a spiritual business. 

Many who have worked with Alex feel that she can cross over from the material world to the mystical world. Her mantra is “Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business,” and her mission is to help clients worldwide feel confident, safe, and empowered so that they may create remarkable life-changing businesses. Through a variety of modalities and services, Alex enables clients to eliminate a world of self-doubt and self-sabotage for one of abundance and harmony in every area of life. 

Some of the Breathing Heart services include:

  • Retreats: The 2022 Sacred Land of Tuscany retreat offers a transformative experience on a 5-day retreat in magnificent Tuscany. Participants enjoy three days of immersion and two days of relaxation and integration with Alex while shifting from stressed and defeated to aligned and empowered. The purpose is to dig deep to identify damaging self-talk, limiting beliefs, and old patterns and follow up with deep healing to reconnect with one’s inner soul. 
  • Witchuals: Cyclical events for those who would like to heighten their spiritual connection and harmonise with the power of the seasons, astrological times to live life in flow rather than being disconnected from earth/elementals
  • Soulful Business Mentorship: Working with Sacred Money Archetypes Alex helps high achievers and heart-centred entrepreneurs to go from financial lack and scarcity to success and prosperity
  • Theta Healing: This practice, known for centuries, is a meditative state of the brain during which it is possible to identify limiting beliefs, energy blocks, and the cause of physical ailments. 
  • Shamanic Healing: Shamanism, known for eons, is the ability to connect through the Spirit World while reaching an altered state of consciousness. It is here that Alex is able to administer healing related to past trauma. 
  • Weekly Facebook Live Events: Spiritual teachings in the Cosmic Soul Seekers group each Friday
  • Social Media Platforms: Presence on YouTube LinkedIN (  ) and Instagram.

Clients of Breathing Heart share their thoughts about the magic of Alex’s insight and gifts:

My one week doing activate your wealth with Alex was amazing! I felt incredibly expansive right from the start of that week. I have increased motivation and clarity about what I’m doing. Oh, and I’ve got some clients wanting to join my new program. I’m going to continue working with Alex because if that’s what happened in only one week, I’m so excited to keep growing with Alex’s healing powers and her incredibly therapeutic training”! Gina M. Australia

“Before working with Alex, I was so stuck. I had major blockages, preventing me having the love and success I craved. She cleared it all out, deeper than any other healer I have ever worked with. She gave me the ability to full integrate back with my truth- love. Alex is such a sweet, mindful, committed, and wise soul. She made me feel safe, supported, not judged, and created a sacred space for me to heal and let it all go. She is an incredible healer. I am so grateful to have connected with her. We traveled deep into my past and rewrote stories I had created when I was a child. I felt a weight lifted off my back, near my heart. Now, I feel like my body is beaming with light and my etheric angel wings are big and outstretched. I’m ready for love and success, all thanks to Alex. Investing in Alex will change your life” Angelica Rose New York



Alex Vitillo is a leading Shamanic Priestess of Wealth and Wellbeing and the Founder of Breathing Heart Consultancy Ltd. She holds a University Degree in Economics and an MSc in Banking and International Finance and has since retrained herself in several energy techniques. She has also developed her own methodology to help leading heart-centered coaches and consultants to increase their confidence and deepen their leadership skills to move from a scarcity mindset and one of poor income to success and abundance by tapping into conscious and subconscious levels that are at the root of the obstacle. Additionally, Alex, whose mantra is “Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business,” guides soul-driven entrepreneurs who deeply undervalue themselves to heal past traumas so they can smash through the 6-figure income ceiling while building a spiritual business and maintain a well-balanced life.

Alex’s unique skills include identifying and healing traumas, releasing the hidden blocks to abundance, and rewiring scarcity programming running in the background of her clients’ personal and business lives. Her mission is to help every client feel confident, safe, and empowered to create magnificent businesses. 

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