Davisware Co-Founder and President, Jennifer Davis, Tops Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Living Exponentially”

Published on September 28, 2021

Living Exponentially: Unlocking the Power of Every Moment in Your Business and Life by Jennifer Davis made an impressive debut, landing top spots on Amazon's Best Seller Lists in two categories on September 23, 2021.

Davisware Co-Founder and President Jennifer Davis’ recent release, Living Exponentially: Unlocking the Power of Every Moment in Your Business and Life, hit seven Amazon Best Seller Lists on September 23, 2021, earning the #1 spot in Starting a Business and Christian Leadership. It was ranked second in Organizational Change, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship Management, Strategic Management, as well as the #2 spot on Business Technology Innovation second only to Jeff Bezos book, Invent and Wander. In addition, the book also garnered the number one placement on five Hot New Releases Lists.

In response to the successful book launch, Jennifer shared, “These statistics are overwhelming.  I am so grateful for my journey and excited to see others joining the Exponentiality Movement.  This book is a passion project in helping others find success and joy in unison.  No matter what title you hold – entrepreneur, organizational leader, or a part of the support community for one of these people, my goal continues to be that you walk away with a glimpse into how Exponentiality can create harmony in your life and business.  I want people to find tools in these pages that make their business better and their teams happier. Most importantly, I want this book to help people find joy and balance in their lives.”

Each of us has the same 24 hours each day. Happy and successful people find a way to make the highest and best use of that time, creating more value and joy, which leads to more success. Without sacrificing quality of life, Jennifer challenged herself to figure out how to create the best use of all of her time and resources.  She wanted to be different than many people who find professional success at the expense of personal joy and life harmony.  She didn’t want to become enslaved to the unrealistic demands of both the business and their family life. Jennifer didn’t want to forget to live while retaining the passion for what she did. Living life to its fullest—a life that embraced both her family and her business became her singular mission. After decades of “practice”, she figured out what Exponentiality looked like in her life and is now sharing it with those who could benefit from what she learned the most.

About the Author

Jennifer Davis, Co-Founder, and President of Davisware, a global technology software company, strategically focused upon operational efficiency and analytics solutions supporting the growth and success of their clients’ field services businesses.

Founded in 1988 by Jennifer and her husband, Dan, Davisware grew to over 200 employees globally before taking on an investment partner with Serent Capital in 2019. They accomplished all of this while being parents to their ten children.

Outside of a demanding work and home schedule, Jennifer, and her husband Dan, have been passionate coaches and community servants over the last 17 years, including coaching nearly 100 youth sports volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, and cross-country teams. The key to her success is also the title of her book Living Exponentiality:  Unlocking the Power of Every Moment in Your Business and Life.

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon

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