Brett Lechtenberg Featured In New Best Selling Book on Self Defense

Published on September 8, 2016

Brett Lechtenberg, owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts, has been featured in a new book about real personal protection, and shares his strategies on defending yourself and loved ones.

This new book, titled Safeguard: Real Self-Defense for a Changing World, brings together experts from the fields of martial arts, personal protection, and self-defense study. Released August 31st, 2016, it features Lechtenberg and seven other authorities. Safeguard reached #1 rankings in several categories, including Kindle Exercise & Fitness, Kindle Safety & First Aid, and Martial Arts overall books.

“One of the most common arguments against learning about personal protection is that ‘things like that don’t happen here’ or ‘that will never happen to me’. Hopefully terrible things really don’t happen to you or your loved ones, but how many people have car insurance and have never been in a serious accident? How many people have homeowner’s insurance and have never had a house burn down? The answer is most of them, which is why insurance companies are able to make a profit. They charge their rates so people know they’re protected in case something does happen, but for most people it never will. It’s the same for learning how to protect yourself and your family – it’s just another form of insurance. It’s a level of peace of mind in knowing that if something ever were to happen you’d have the systems in place to take care of your family.”

Safeguard: Real Self-Defense for a Changing World, was edited and compiled by Alex Changho, the publisher of the best-selling series BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid, and founder of BULLYPROOF America, a non-profit.

“The good news is, just like dealing with bullying, there are lots of programs out there educating the public about self-defense,” says Changho. “The bad news is, just like dealing with bullying, a lot of these programs just don’t work when applied in real situations. The experts we’ve brought together in Safeguard have real results working with people.”

Lechtenberg’s involvement in Safeguard brings an effective, working solution to Sandy. Along with the release of the book, Lechtenberg will hold free workshops, resources, and training for the community.

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