Jim Hammons Featured In New Best Selling Book on Self Defense

Published on September 8, 2016

Jim Hammons, owner of Martial Arts Advantage, has been featured in a new book about real personal protection, and shares his strategies on defending yourself and loved ones.

This new book, titled Safeguard: Real Self-Defense for a Changing World, brings together experts from the fields of martial arts, personal protection, and self-defense study. Released August 31st, 2016, it features Hammons and seven other authorities. Safeguard reached #1 rankings in several categories, including Kindle Exercise & Fitness, Kindle Safety & First Aid, and Martial Arts overall books.

“Recently, there is a growing perception on what self-defense entails with some understating its importance. As we know, perception is reality to the individual that tend to believe in the utterances. I compare it to swimming, which can be a leisure activity and way to spend some time with your friends. However, when you face dangers in water, it becomes a live saving skill, same way self-defense acts. Those that are yet to face bullying attacked and real confrontations may not understand what happens in the real world.”

Safeguard: Real Self-Defense for a Changing World, was edited and compiled by Alex Changho, the publisher of the best-selling series BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid, and founder of BULLYPROOF America, a non-profit.

“The good news is, just like dealing with bullying, there are lots of programs out there educating the public about self-defense,” says Changho. “The bad news is, just like dealing with bullying, a lot of these programs just don’t work when applied in real situations. The experts we’ve brought together in Safeguard have real results working with people.”

Hammons’ involvement in Safeguard brings an effective, working solution to Broken Arrow. Along with the release of the book, Hammons will hold free workshops, resources, and training for the community.

For more information about Jim Hammons and Martial Arts Advantage, visit www.martialartsadvantage.net.

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