Brexit - UK Small and Medium Business Owners Must Step Up Now to Meet the Challenges

Brexit – UK Small and Medium Business Owners Must Step Up Now to Meet the Challenges

Parliament has voted in favour of triggering Article 50 subject to amendments. Now the arguments over the nitty-gritty of the process and outcomes. But forecasts look in one direction, the downside of the UK leaving, but not the risks of remaining.

David Birchall a UK Entrepreneur says that the issue for Politicians is that those who do not want to leave the EU and seen voting against the triggering of Article 50 will be identified as undemocratic since the Leave Campaign won the referendum.   Although it was a relatively small majority – in a democracy a majority is a majority and the referendum was for the whole of the UK, not just regions, so the outcome must be respected.

Bloomberg’s Tim Ross and Lucy Meakin, discussed on 6th February a recent Ipsos Mori Poll which finds that 58% of FTSE Top Executives say that Brexit is already a Negative with some two thirds of them admitting to leaving the UK as a potential option should they feel it necessary.

They also cite a Recent survey by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) which shows that the weaker pound is pushing up costs. However, in that survey, just as many said the weaker pound was helping their businesses. This simply demonstrates the swings and roundabout nature of these events and for all the business owners and executives who proffer doom and downturns there are equally those who see an advantage to leaving the EU.

However, it seems that 96% of those asked are confident that they would adapt and cope well with life outside the EU. Markets as usual cite the uncertainty over Brexit, but being in business has never been a certainty. 

Birchall is concerned that within all these so called expert predictions is the continued focus on the value of the Pound which has reduced by around 16% since the referendum. Yet none of these experts are balancing any of the equations in their forecasts for the UK with potential impact on the UK should the UK remain a member of the EU. A prime example being the issues with the Euro which continues to be propped up and could well be heading for a major fall as Brexit draws nearer and the ever present possibility that certain member states could default. 

Birchall said: “After all, there will be as many impacts on the EU Member States following Brexit if not more than there will be on the UK, since the EU exports more to the UK than the UK exports to the EU.  Even though we are not members of the Euro we have still been forced to provide some £9 Billion to the European Central Bank for loans to help bolster the euro. There remain several Member States with significant debt problems that could bring down the Euro particularly while Germany and the EU Commission keeps such a strong insistence on Austerity being the answer to nation states’ debts.  Greece being a particular example of this policy with others potentially following close behind. This has been completely ignored by the harbingers of doom for the future of UK outside the single market”

Birchall admits that this is a simplification of the situation but he is not alone in this:

Dr. Pippa Malmgrem, former Presidential Adviser to the White House was interviewed on the BBC’s Newsnight before the referendum when asked what she thought about the UK leaving the EU she said that she felt that if the UK left the EU there would be four or five years of difficulty while it sorted itself out; but on the other hand, if they remained in the EU there would be similar even bigger problems which would impact on the UK for much longer as the Euro would cause massive problems inside the EU going forward. 

So, In or out, there will be issues to deal with!

Birchall went on to say: “Large Organizations will be able to cope whatever happens.  However, smaller companies really need to get planning for the worst so that they mitigate risk and in so doing will be able to navigate any choppy waters coming their way.  But it’s not all storms and darkness.  Companies all over the world are looking at UK businesses with a view to seeing who could be a potential supplier or customer or partner. 

To take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves it is essential that business owners begin the marketing strategies and processes for making sure  businesses are seen as “Experts or Authorities” in their field of operations.  Business owners that see marketing as a cost to be incurred when things get bad will fall by the wayside. Those who accept the challenge and invest in the way a business should be promoting itself will Stand Out From The Crowd not just on the world stage, but also at home. Remember it’s the early bird that gets the worm!”


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