Eric Fritzke, Commercial Real Estate Agent and Team Leader with Trinity Team at Keller Williams Preferred Realty Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Show

Eric Fritzke recently sat down for an enlightening interview about commercial and residential real estate and how he has made his mark in the real estate arena. Eric is the principal and team leader with Trinity Team at Keller Williams Preferred Realty.

In this interview, Eric talks about what launched his interest in the real estate industry.
He also explains how he has worked hard over the past 20 years to become the well-recognized and admired agent he is today. Eric has been supported by Gordon Ballinger, his partner, who has given him sage advice throughout their business relationship. He shares a bit of what he thinks makes his company different when it comes to how they associate with potential or current clients.

Eric believes what sets his team at Trinity Team Real Estate apart is their focus on the relationship aspect of business. He had the following to say about the importance of relationships and how to go about building them, “I believe you have to be a good listener and learn to ask the right questions when starting a new relationship.”  Eric begins his association with a potential client with a simple conversation, typically lasting over an ½ hour. During this time, he finds out the client’s preferences on various issues, such as how they want to be contacted. Determine if they prefer communication via texting or emails or are they old fashioned and would much rather get a personal phone call. He also defines a potential client’s motivation and understands that many times, “a person will make an emotional decision and then try to justify it logically.” Therefore, Eric learns what the emotional elements are behind each decision to buy or sell, so he can best serve the client.

Eric and his team are committed to building rapport and relationships with their clients above all. He also emphasizes the importance of following through when you know a client’s preference. After all, it does no good if the information gathered is not utilized

Learn more about Eric’s keys to success in the commercial real estate field and what makes his team unique in how they approach real estate, all in this informative interview. 

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