Brian Fielkow, Featured Author in Elite Business Leaders: Conversations with Elite Professionals Hits Number 1 on Amazon Best Seller Lists

Published on July 5, 2016

Brian Fielkow, hit #1 on the Best Sellers List on May 9th, 2016 with the book, Elite Business Leaders: Conversations with Elite Professionals. The book also ranked No. 1 in the Knowledge Capital and Ethics categories.

Elite Business Leaders is a series of books that provide Insights and Innovation from elite local business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and community Leaders.

Based on his 25 years of business leadership and firsthand experiences as a current business executive, Brian Fielkow, offers a unique approach to cultivating a healthy culture. Owner of Houston-based Jetco Delivery, he is the author of Driving to Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence by Creating a Vibrant Culture, a comprehensive guide for building strategic company culture. He has developed a proven formula that directly ties a company’s culture to its bottom line by empowering employees, managing and driving change, and distinguishing between values and priorities.

Brian speaks to business leaders and gives them the tools to grow their own company’s culture. His presentations aren’t about theory; they focused on the “how to,” and practical ways that leaders, no matter the size of their business, can create a world-class culture. Like his dad, he wants companies to empower their employees. Brian went on to say, “That’s what’s going to ensure they are giving their customers the best service. The real magic happens when, the leaders, can step away and watch their team successfully run the business. Culture is not owner-centric. It’s about empowering their employees and I am fortunate to witness that daily.”

Brian explained, “I find that many times business leaders have a vision for what they want when it comes to their company’s culture, but they don’t know where to start. There is a lot of theory out there about culture and there are a lot of good ideas, but they often don’t always work for Main Street businesses. What leaders must realize is that the power exists within their organization, and recognizing that, and then developing it is essential. You don’t need a high-priced consultant to tell you how to grow your culture; you need the support of your team and to learn how to bring your opinion leaders and front-line employees in.”

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