T. Allen Hanes Publishing Group To Release Self Help Book Courageous Living

Published on July 5, 2016

Houston, Texas—James F. Miles and T. Allen Hanes Publishing Group announces the publication of, Courageous Living - The Journey of a Modern Day Mystic. The book is a biography of Miles, a former Jesuit Scholar, who left the priesthood for a secular career as a stock broker.

The book follows Miles as he dives into the Disco period of the late 1970’s and how he loses himself in the period’s excess. Desperate to find meaning in his life, Miles leaves Wall Street to become a successful commercial real estate broker. T. Allen Hanes, principal owner of the publishing company said, “This is our first break into the spiritual self-help genre, and we anticipate another best seller from this author.”

Miles evolves into one of the leading names in the explosive growth of Houston real estate. He also has a hand in managing real estate companies with hundreds of agents all while crisscrossing the country promoting Houston’s real estate development and ventures. The demand for high income financing takes Miles to South America, where unstable political and economic policies create a large stream of flight capital to Houston and the United States. Miles rides this economic boom but at the peak of his career, he once again detours to find purpose in his life. One day, he does a hypnotic life regression, and he discovers he was Jesus Christ in his past life.

Feeling an inner peace yet afraid to tell others for fear of ridicule, Miles chooses a new course and follows a much more spiritual path. He dives deep into esoteric hidden texts and ageless mysteries. His goal is simple: to assimilate his profound experience and teach others. Miles becomes a fearless spiritual mystic, guided behind the iron curtain at the height of the Cold War, performing spiritual clearings and blessings.

The book is co-authored by Victor Escalante, an author, speaker, and consultant and is one of Miles’ closest confidants. The book is available at www.victorescalante.com.

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