Buffalo Lawyer Kyle Calabrese Article Comparing Small Law Firms to Large Firms Published in Small Business Trendsetters

This article discusses the differences between small law firms and large firms and things to consider in choosing a firm. Attorney Calabrese explains why in many cases, selecting a small firm may be the best choice.

Buffalo NY, June 21, 2015 – When a person finds themselves in need of legal counsel one of the first and most important decisions to be made is hiring the right law firm. Most people’s first reaction is to think about a large law firm. May times they’re familiar due to television, radio and print advertising However, all options should be considered before making a final decision.

“In many cases a small law firm can provide equivalent representation as a large firm,” says Buffalo Attorney Kyle Calabrese. “There are also a number of benefits that a small firm can provide a client that go beyond what a large firm can offer. This article was written to give people a process to go through and areas to consider in making the right decision.”

Attorney Calabrese has been practicing law in New York State since 1994. He has operated his own firm, The Law Office of Kyle Calabrese, since being admitted to the bar. The law office is located in the Buffalo, NY area and serves all of Western NY. Even though his practice is focused in NY state the advice given in the article is relevant to any area of the country.

Says Kyle, “I use the Blog on my website to share legal information that is pertinent to people in my local area. I am very thankful for Small Business Trendsetters for publishing my article and allowing me to reach a larger audience with this useful information.” A copy of the article can be found by Clicking Here.

During his 20+ years of experience, Calabrese has handled many cases for clients that initially seemed they were better suited for a larger firm.  Certainly, there are cases that are very detailed and complicated. Cases of this type are probably better suited for a large firm. However, most people have relatively straight forward cases where a small firm can provide the legal representation they require.  “A small law firm can save a client a lot of time and money. In addition, a small firm can deliver a personalized level of service that many people are looking for.”

For more information about the Law Office of Kyle Calabrese or to contact Kyle visit his website at www.kylecalabreselaw.com or call 716-649-3311. The office is located at 265 Union St in Hamburg, NY. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM. The phone number is available 7X24.

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