Local Businesses Find Protection From Predatory Merchant Service Companies With Oscar Garcia’s Company Batched Inc.

Local Businesses Find Protection From Predatory Merchant Service Companies With Oscar Garcia’s Company Batched Inc.

Batched provides a protective safe haven for small local business owners from merchant processing predators through the merchant coaching and audit system provided at www.batched.com

Nationally recognized and highly sought after speaker and CEO of Batched Inc, Oscar Garcia, exposes predatory contracts of POS providers and merchant service companies. He is helping hundreds of small business owners a week audit their statements and reveal where they are being overcharged. Batched maximizes merchant savings solutions through their unique processor matching and coaching process.   

“Let us face it. For small business owners negotiating credit card processing contracts with merchant service companies is an absolute nightmare. We have found that 8 out of 10 small business owners are unable to understand their statements. Rates are unclear, fees seem never-ending, and you seem to sign your life away only to get started,” says Garcia. “Enough is enough, starting and running a business is hard work and we believe every business owner deserves a fair deal, so that’s why we put together the merchant service marketplace and business advocacy program, to keep merchant service companies honest and help the success rate of small businesses,” added Garcia.

Merchant service companies have forgotten a key aspect of client service and relationships by the sheer lack of quality service and support.  This creates a dissonance and widening gap of becoming a number in a database instead of having personalized experiences to your business. As Mark Cuban puts it, “Treat your customers like they own you. Because they do.”

“We dared to dream of a better industry, a system where we can unite the buying power of the masses together with the servicing power of great providers. It’s been a struggle to have the industry look at the business owner with a new perspective. The way you invoke change is by massive customer education. We are living our passion and continue doing good business. In the past we ran into those that were limited in their ways and that slowed us down. Today we have a great team a great synergy and most importantly a movement to change the way things are done.  Our merchant service coaches educate clients on new industry requirements as well as was to increase cash flow for their specific business,” stated Garcia.

“Being a player in the industry we’re always approached by a lot of different companies and get pitched on what they do and how they service others.  It was a great joy when we found a company like Batched that not only delivers on promises, but actually has the personalization heart to take care of their merchants.  We are looking forward to doing further business with them and we are looking forward to recommending a lot of our other businesses to the batch platform because it saves companies money and makes them more efficient at what they do, it’s just a no brainer.” — Gus Lopez Vice President Universal Music Latino

“Batched.com was essential to obtaining merchant services for my business. The process was fast and simple and their staff was professional and extremely helpful. I was approved the same day and received my equipment within a couple of days. I am definitely recommending their services to everyone I know.” — Law Offices of Rebecca Medina

“As a business owner, I appreciate your company’s commitment to removing the mystery behind merchant services and offering clients a practical and affordable solution. Businesses need a FAIR opportunity to not worry about the costs behind the fine print and focus on serving their customers and clients. THANK YOU!” — Go Viral Marketing LLC

“Thank You Batched.com on getting our merchant account approved both domestically and internationally to help us better manage our risk and to ensure quick cash flow. Batched.com took the time to work with us to make sure we had the right processor to fit our company needs.” — Jeff Miller, SZ LLC

To receive a free consultation with a trained Batched merchant service coach and obtain an account audit please visit www.batched.com. Remember… get educated and save, get Batched.

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