Business Coach Ed Erickson Reaches Two Amazon Bestseller Lists with Local Business Mavericks Volume 17

Published on March 6, 2018

Local Business Mavericks featuring Ed Erickson hits #1 on the Business Consulting Best Sellers List.

Business Coach Ed Erickson, hit #1 on the Business Consulting category Best Sellers List on February 28 2018 for the release of Local Business Mavericks. The book also ranked No. 1 in the Information Management category on

Local Business Mavericks Volume 17, is a compilation of 1 on 1 conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry. Each contributing author reveals their strategies for helping overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customers success.

Ed Erickson, “My coaching experience has taught me that the biggest part of helping my clients get-through burnout phases is to help them change their mindsets. I help my clients by encouraging them to change the ways they view their businesses, to change the ways their businesses operate, and I also encourage them to carefully analyze the roles they play in their businesses. As I mentioned a few minutes ago when I talked about how I see businesses themselves as the true products of any economy, I also want to mention that I believe the upshot of adopting this way of viewing businesses themselves as products aides my clients by helping them remove all of their unnecessary distractions and instead focus on the most important issue, namely-What is their true opinion of the businesses they are running? When I am helping a client, I can choose to focus on analyzing the tools and techniques they are using to run their businesses. For example, I can spend a lot of time analyzing a given client’s specific business-running actions, and I can also work to present a client with a set of new solutions to his or her specific operational shortcoming. The problem with limiting my coaching practice to focusing on specific operational analysis and offering practical solutions to the shortcomings I have observed is comparable to just offering my clients cocktails of potent painkillers in order to masque the symptoms of the deeper illnesses affecting their companies. I can help my clients address the symptoms of burnout pretty quickly; however, I believe my most important function as a business coach is to help create the changes in mindsets that will truly address the root causes of my clients’ problems. I have found that addressing the root causes of my client’s issues is the only way I am able to offer them the long-term solutions that will allow them to truly get to the places where they want to be.”

Ed states, “In order to achieve the types of changes I desire, I almost always have to start the coaching processes by focusing exclusively on the business owners themselves. The only real exceptions to my policy of beginning the process of reforming a company by focusing exclusively on the owner occurs when I have chosen to work with some type of nonprofit or a civic organization. When I work with nonprofit organizations, civic organizations, or public-sector agencies, I begin my coaching journeys by focusing on each particular organization’s executive director. A nonprofit organization’s executive director is always the first person to whom I will choose to focus my attention because that’s the person who’s ultimately in charge of making everything at that organization work properly, even though they don’t “own” the organization. I also occasionally coach businesses with absentee owners who rely on general managers to make everything work; however, those cases are the exceptions. My consulting and coaching processes almost always involve working with the owner of a business at first, and then, depending on the situation, and the size of the company, I might start bringing-in some of that business’s other key people.”

Ed Erickson Ed starts from the truth that most people start a business because they are good at doing something. Many quickly discover that being great at what the business does isn’t enough. They also have to be great at running a business. That’s a completely different set of skills.

Ed equips owners with the hard and soft skills needed to grow their business and to grow as leaders. He does this using a mix of 1-on-1 coaching, training programs, and workshops.

Ed has worked in and owned small businesses for over 20 years. He’s seen first hand many of the challenges owners face. It’s that hard-earned experience that led him to develop programs that get results.


Ed Erickson

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