Business Innovators Magazine Interviews Award-Winning Life Coach Morgan Field

Published on April 1, 2016

Business Innovators magazine interviews award-winning life coach Morgan Field about living the "Thrive lifestyle". The term coined by Field describes going from the life one has to the life one always wanted.

Business Innovators Magazine, a publication dedicated to interviewing and writing about the most innovative and influential business leaders of today, this past week sat down with Best-selling author and award-winning Life Coach: Morgan Field.

The primary topic of the thorough interview was “thriving” – going from the life one has to the life one always wanted.

Field was interviewed on the benefits and setbacks of being a Thrive Coach, as well as what drives her forward to continue spreading courage and confidence to all who follow her.

“It was when I knew there was more to life than what most of us get to experience and I made it my life’s mission to find ways to immerse myself in this Thrival Zone and help others find their way too!  It’s way more fun in Thrive mode, and once people get a taste of it, there is no going back!” said Field.

Business Innovators then proceeded to ask Field about the most common problem she finds among her clients. “Self-confidence,” said Field, “is the number one killer of people’s enthusiasm to jump forward. So long as one cares what others think, they’ll never be able to reach their full, unlocked potential.”

The interview was wrapped up by asking Field what advice she has for leading others into a fully operational Thrive Zone.

“Here is a simple formula that anyone can use to create a life in the Thrival Zone: If it feels good to you do more of that. If it feels shitty to you, do less of that. If you start to worry about what others think, go back to the first secret to thriving,” said Field.

Field’s best-selling book, “Epic Sexy You,” a motivational story about embracing oneself and unapologetically pursuing one’s passions, is officially available for purchase.

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