Business Strategist, Paul Hambleton, Announces Forthcoming Book, New Patient ROI: How To Get New Patients Cost Effectively

Business Strategist, Paul Hambleton, Announces Forthcoming Book, New Patient ROI: How To Get New Patients Cost Effectively

Paul Hambletons’ forthcoming book, New Patient ROI, will present strategies for medical and health professionals to get new patients cost effectively. Getting found on the internet and converting prospects into patients will be discussed.

June 18, 2015 – Author, publisher and business strategist, Paul Hambleton, announces his soon-to-be-published book, “New Patient ROI: How To Get New Patients Cost Effectively” will present strategies and tactics to thrive in the digital age.

“There are three main goals with this book,” Hambleton said. “First, I want medical and health professionals to know the many ways their personal name and practice can get found on the internet these days. Second, medical and health professionals need to know it is very important for a marketing campaign to do more than merely help them be found online. A medical or health professional and his or her website needs to provide excellent answers to the question, ‘Why should I choose you compared to every other option’ in order for a high percentage of prospects to contact them. Third, medical and health professionals need to know how to plug the holes in how their incoming phone calls from prospective patients are handled because this is costing many practices tens of thousands of dollars per month.”

Getting a high return on investment (ROI) for internet marketing campaigns begins with getting targeted prospects to see a website or video about a practice. Paid ads and being ranked on the first page of search engines are two of the common ways to do this. But recently much more needs to be done in order to see a high ROI for marketing campaigns designed to attract new patients.

Prospective patients are searching for someone they can trust. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery agrees by saying, “It is always important for a prospective patient to spend time in a face-to-face consultation with the physician and try to develop a level of comfort, trust, and openness with that physician. The wise patient will want to trust their face to a surgeon who merits that trust.”

In order to get more phone calls from prospective patients and ultimately book appointments with these potential patients, the website for a medical or health professional should ideally display signals that he or she is a trusted authority in their niche. An excellent way to do this is to be an author or co-author of a book that explains their particular area of interest and answers the most commonly asked questions patients have. Displaying the book cover on the website will help convey their authority position.

Having their book or educational articles published in respected and easily recognized national media such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox can also contribute to their authority position so more website visitors will call their practice.

Phone calls from prospective patients need to be handled live as often as possible and staff need proper training in order to convert a high percentage of those calls into appointments.

For example, in many dental offices 40 calls per month from prospective new patients are missed simply because the phone is not answered live, only one third of callers who speak with someone at the practice make an appointment, and the marketing campaign responsible for a phone call is often unknown.

With a few adjustments many medical and health professionals can increase the number of calls into their practice, virtually eliminate missed calls, increase the percentage of callers who book appointments and know the marketing source for every call into their practice. The ROI from practice marketing can therefore be improved and possibly add tens of thousands of dollars per month to the practice.

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