Randy Stanbury of Service Freight Systems Discusses Autonomous Trucks on CNN

Randy Stanbury of Service Freight Systems Discusses Autonomous Trucks on CNN

In May, Daimler and Freightliner debuted the world’s first self-driving, fully licensed commercial truck, called the Freightliner Inspiration. Randy Stanbury discusses the potential impact of autonomous trucks and automated delivery.

Burlington, Ontario, June 18, 2015 — Randy Stanbury, President of Service Freight Systems, recently appeared in an article posted on CNN and discussed the effects of autonomous trucks on the freight industry. Stanbury views this development as a disruption that will present exciting opportunities. 

In a discussion posted on CNN’s iReport, Stanbury talked about the effects this could have on the shipping and freight industry. He predicts that autonomous trucks will end up handling most freight movement around the world, although human workers will still be needed on board to deal with certain complications, such as road obstacles. As the Service Freight Systems President explains, he see “some real serious, serious changes and disruptions coming in the trucking world and my intention is to be at the very forefront of it.”

Stanbury believes that education and the ability to adapt to these changing conditions are crucial for shipping and freight business owners. While some have expressed concerns over automated delivery, such as reducing the number of drivers needed, Stanbury sees this development as beneficial. He points out that the trucking industry has been experiencing a driver shortage for the past several years that is steadily getting worse.

Autonomous trucks could provide companies with a solution to this driver shortage, since owners would not have to be concerned about making sure they have enough human drivers to make deliveries. Business owners could also take this opportunity to shift their business model away from relying on human drivers and toward    using autonomous trucks and employees to handle long-haul and short-haul deliveries. In order to do that, business owners would have to make significant changes to current business practices. 

Stanbury explains that business owners should be doing just that and looking for ways to adapt to the use of autonomous trucks, as he is doing. In fact, Stanbury will be launching two innovative developments in the future that will affect the trucking industry. As the President of Service Freight Systems, Stanbury has experience with keeping his eye on future trends that could affect the freight industry. He is also aware that these disruptions, which include automated delivery, often end up providing business owners with opportunities to help their companies grow. Stanbury is confident that the expected use of autonomous trucks will take the trucking industry in a new direction that will be beneficial for business owners who are able to adapt. 

Service Freight Systems is a third-party warehousing and logistics agent based in Burlington, ON. 

Source: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1246858

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