California’s Top Expert on Background Checks for Small Businesses with High-Turnover Rates Bill Cross Reaches Amazon Best Seller List with His Brand-New Book “Local Business Mavericks”

Published on July 25, 2017

Local Business Mavericks featuring Bill Cross hits #1 on the Best Sellers List.

California’s top expert on background checks for businesses with high-turnover rates, Bill Cross, hit #1 on the Best Seller List for the recent release of Local Business Mavericks. His book also reached #2 in the Business & Money category for the Kindle Store.

Local Business Mavericks is a compilation of one-on-one conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry designed to share their strategies to overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customers’ success.

Cross’s insight into background checks is based on 20 years of experience and is right on target.

He states, “As Americans, we value independence and mobility. For employers and property managers however, these freedoms bring risk to their businesses. Potential job or rental applicants may be less than truthful regarding information submitted on resumes or application forms.  The current changing economy, by bringing greater turnover in the workplace, intensifies these risks. At Background Screening Solutions we recognize this makes a fast, thorough, and reliable background search provider essential for the protection of a business’s hard-won reputation and equity, as well as the safety of its workplace or rental property.

Cross has made headlines quite a bit recently, most notably for his ability to help small and mid-sized business owners, property managers, non-profit directors and church leaders hire the right person for the right purpose to fill the right position (or rental vacancy).

It’s most likely for this reason that many people statewide consider him the most real and relevant expert in background checks in tune with the marketplace today.

Bill Cross helps small businesses make good hiring decisions by verifying information on an applicant’s resume against thousands of database records. He makes sure a business owner’s due diligence procedures reflect professionalism and integrity and is in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act, county, state and federal regulations. He get results while providing a fast and accurate background check at a competitive price.

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