Jerry Curtis, Social Media Authority Uses Storytelling To Build Visibility, Credibility & Trust in Social Selling.

Published on July 23, 2017

Jerry Curtis, nationally recognized social media authority & founder of The Jerry Curtis Consulting Group, of Plano Texas is a social media strategist. He uses wonderful stories of his life adventures to build visibility, credibility and trust for his own business. And shows his clients how to use the fine art of story telling to build strong social media relationships that creates new customers, additional sales and bigger bank accounts.

Jerry Curtis, founder, and social media strategist of The Jerry Curtis Consulting Group was recently interviewed by journalist Joel Helfer, of Small Business Trendsetters Magazine. Jerry is from Plano, Texas and is a social media expert who has helped countless business owners and professionals use social media to gain visibility, trust, credibility and build business relationships on social media platforms that have padded his clients bank accounts.

According to Curtis, one of the best ways to begin building a relationship with future clients on social media is the use of exciting and entertaining stories.  For example, Curtis frequently mentions the following types of stories to build rapport.

When asked what he does for fun, Jerry Curtis mentions his trip to the North Pole, his flight on A Russian MiG 80,000 feet high touching the tip of outer space, and his 3-day trip to the USS Enterprise, where he landed and took off from the deck of the carrier while rolling at sea.

How fun it is for him to tell you it took 64 hours of flight time to get to Eureka Canada, and then 3-4 hours more flying just to be able to be at the North pole for one hour.  And talk about how he was trained as an astronaut by the Russian air force for four days so he could almost touch outer space.

As Curtis mentions and teaches, his social media clients., “it is these types of stories that break the ice and begin to build lasting relationships with new clients who ultimately become friends.”  And he challenges his clients to find and do the same.  “Storytelling is a key element in social media strategy” according to Curtis.

To find out more about him, check out his LinkedIn Profile at and His Face book page  where you can see a picture of his prize winning quarter horse J.R. at

Here’s what a few of his clients say about him and his company.

“Jerry Curtis Consulting Group gave me a ton of fresh ideas about how to grow my business and today, my company is thriving like never before.”  Skyler Adelson.

“Starting my own business was really scary. But Jerry Curtis consulted with me on how to move forward without getting caught up in the details. Thanks Jerry.” Jessie Brown.

Jerry Curtis’s favorite motto for his business and social media strategy is” We help our clients reach people that really count.”  And telling your story in a fun, entertaining one is a great way to do it.

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