Carlo Mason Owner Of Blue Sky Super Car Hire In Marbella Interviewed On Business Innovators Magazine

Published on July 31, 2015

Carlo Mason, owner of Blue Sky Super Car Hire SL, one of Marbella’s leading luxury car rental companies, has recently been interviewed on Business Innovators Magazine.

A British citizen of Italian descent, Carlo Mason has been a resident of Marbella since his youth, when he became a professional PGA golfer on the European Tour Circuit.

With an intimate knowledge of Marbella and its surrounding areas, Carlo is passionate about the quality of life that Marbella offers. Upon his retirement as a professional golfer, Mason opened up Blue Sky Homes International, dedicated to finding luxury holiday and residential homes for international clients looking to take advantage of Marbella’s world renowned micro-climate and Mediterranean lifestyle.

With many of his clients purchasing high-end luxury properties, Mason realised that they were missing out on a part of the lifestyle experience, as it was practically impossible to rent a luxury car, let alone a supercar at that time. The only choice was either to purchase one that would then lay idle for months at a time or rent a small, very unexciting car.

Building on the reputation for personal service and local knowledge that Carlo had built up over many years working in the service industry, in 2005 Blue Sky Super Car Hire SL was launched.

The objective was to offer a world class super car hire rental service, a wide selection of top of the range cars and competitive prices.

Currently the company offers a complete range of luxury, sports and exotic super cars, including brands such as Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren, Audi, Range Rover, BMW, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and more.

As a further offering, Blue Sky also offers a range of services that are a perfect complement to renting a super car, such as yacht charter, classic car tours, helicopter charter, luxury getaway breaks, adrenalin weekends and more.

In the interview, Carlo Mason outlines some of the key principles that have allowed Blue Sky to become one of the premier super car rental companies in the South of Spain over the past 10 years:

– Renting a super car is a unique experience and clients set their minds on a particular brand, model and colour. If you order a White Bentley GT, that is the car that will be delivered. In fact, upon request, pictures of the actual car can be sent in advance to clients.

– Cars should be in a perfect condition on delivery. In the unlikely event that there is small damage, these items are noted meticulously at the time of delivery to ensure that a client is never charged for damage they did not cause. That said, clients are encouraged to take pictures of the car on delivery, for their own peace of mind.

– A provisional invoice is created immediately the car is returned and any deposit is returned to the client’s card at that very moment. This ensures that clients can feel confident that no other charges will be billed once they have returned the car nor will the client need have any concerns as to the return of the deposit. Within 24 hours a final statement is sent to the client.

– In order to avoid any risk of fraudulent use of clients credit cards, their card details are never taken by staff members – all payments are made online by the client directly with one of Spain’s leading banks.

– Local knowledge is essential to offering the level of service that wealthy customers should be able to expect and staff members should have the knowledge and experience to assists clients with any questions they have to enhance their holiday experience with Blue Sky.

For more information on renting a luxury, sports or exotic car in Marbella or the Malaga area, or on any of the other services that Blue Sky Super Car Hire offer, Carlo Mason and his team can be contacted via email, by telephone on 34 951 77 55 10 or visit their website

To read the full interview with Carlo Mason, please click here.

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