From Poverty and Illiteracy to Doctoral Minister – Dr. William Wargo Helps Alfred Booker, Sr. Achieve

Published on July 31, 2015

Former illiterate adult gains doctoral degree with the help of Dr. William Wargo.

As an adult from an extremely low income area in Louisiana, Alfred Booker, Sr. did not even know how to read. But he wanted more so he decided to learn. At 26 years old, he finally became literate. He didn’t stop there. Pastor Booker transformed himself from an illiterate adult all the way to achieving a doctorate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Education and Administrative Studies.

Even though he overcame his rough childhood and learned to read, it certainly wasn’t easy to achieve his doctorate. In fact, at one point, his committee Chairperson threatened to drop him from the program because of low performance on the dissertation.

Booker said, “I was in trouble. I needed help badly. Another student said he knew about Dr. Wargo, who coached dissertation students. He gave me Dr. Wargo’s number. After two telephone appointments, Dr. Wargo helped me get clarity on the details of my study. He gave me a solid foundation for understanding what I had to do to make progress. He helped me for about six months until my dissertation was finished.”

There are many stories like Booker’s out there. Many colleges that provide undergraduate programs tend to focus on test-taking as opposed to critical thinking. This institutional philosophy was a major cause of Booker’s troubles when he began work on his dissertation. This is the same kind of trouble that is very typical for many doctoral students.

Fortunately, Booker’s classmate referred him to Dr. William Wargo. Wargo is an expert in dissertation consulting who knows what doctoral committees are looking for and what universities expect. Wargo guided Booker through the process, helping him to achieve the clarity needed to complete his dissertation.

Dr. Wargo commented, “Dr. Booker’s experiences while pursuing his doctorate are a wonderful example of his persistence and willingness to reach out and ask for help. I was honored that he asked me. His commitment to completing his studies made a huge difference. I just pointed him in the right direction with his dissertation research.”

Booker was now on his way and had the confidence and clarity to push through to dissertation completion. Pastor Dr. Alfred Booker, Sr. is now a retired minister working as a mental health counselor in Alexandria, Louisiana. His focus is on ministering to others.

Dr. Booker concluded, “I appreciate all Dr. Wargo did for me. I am forever indebted to him for his consulting and editing services and for his assistance in completing my dissertation.”

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