Carolyn Miller from The National Franchise Institute Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio Network about Franchise Success

Published on September 6, 2016

In this powerful interview, listeners will learn valuable tips for franchisees and franchisors, including how the National Franchise Institute helps franchise professionals and independent entrepreneurs succeed in growing, value-engineering and operating winning locations. The National Franchise Institute was founded by Carolyn Miller.

While working as the Vice President of Development for a national architecture firm, Carolyn Miller was shocked to learn how many clients had a high-level, conceptual understanding about the development process, but did not know about the intricate details, which was costing them tens of thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. Because of this, Miller founded the National Franchise Institute in 2015. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the National Franchise Institute is dedicated to sharing the solutions and best practices associated with building new franchise locations. Miller founded the National Franchise Institute to educate and inspire entrepreneurs who work in, or desire to work in, the franchise industry in concepts that require brick and mortar spaces (whether ground-up or tenant finish locations). The National Franchise Institute now serves franchisors, franchisees, corporate employees, vendors, suppliers and even non-franchised and single-unit concepts that are hoping to grow.

Miller explains what makes her company stand out. She says, “One of the unique aspects of the National Franchise Institute is that our programs aren’t taught by consultants. They’re taught by licensed attorneys, licensed CPAs, licensed tax professionals, licensed architects and engineers and general contractors and real estate professionals. So it’s people who aren’t simply people who have done this in a past life. They’re actively licensed and participating in the areas that they’re the expert in. We bring in subject matter experts for a variety of different areas of the development process, specifically to get new locations open.”

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