Inkovator Hosting Event To Help Adults During Self-Improvement Month September 2016

Published on September 7, 2016

Self-improvement advocate and coloring book artist, Andrea Wood Schmitz, CEO of Inkovator, reveals that women who redirect their anxiety and pressures towards coloring books for grown-ups learn how to tune into their inner thoughts and regain power over their "gut-instincts" to achieve better emotional and mental health and greater self improvement.

Andrea Wood Schmitz, Founder and CEO of Inkovator confirmed they are officially hosting an internet-wide adult coloring event for self-improvement month on Saturday, September 10th.  

Colorists worldwide will be welcomed to participate in many activities, fun and games held online throughout the day and meet the co-hosting artists.

Explaining the event process, Schmitz said, “This is an important event for us.  We love the opportunity to get closer to the colorists and develop deeper relationships.  But most of all, it’s a perfect environment for the artists to really share how coloring is being used to aid self-improvement.”

Scheduled as an all-day Facebook event, the “Grown Up Coloring Book Self Improvement Bonanza” will spotlight each of the artists, sharing their top-notch insights and real-world experience coloring for mental health, meditation and well-being, as well explaining everything from the basics to more experimental or complicated methods of coloring.

Schmitz said, “This event was a huge success when we first launched it in 2015 and has turned into the favorite recurring Adult Coloring events on Facebook among colorists.  The artists we select are passionate about art and explain all the ins-and-outs of what it takes to get the most benefit from coloring. They will answer the most common questions and bust the myths and misconceptions so many people have about adult coloring. The “Grown-Up Coloring Book Self Improvement Bonanza” has over 35 different activities planned throughout the day. Facebook has a vast and diverse community of colorers and the social aspects come together nicely during the events. In the past, friendships and local meet-ups have resulted from contacts first made at one of our Bonanzas.  It’s really heart-warming to see that happen.”

Schmitz went on to describe the event as, “… a powerful opportunity to connect with the artists, find colorists world wide who have the same challenges they do and ultimately brings out the best in social media. It’s funny yet wonderful to see how total strangers easily gather and enjoy the activities, decelerate and find their way back to the simple things and leave refreshed and encouraged for what’s around the corner.”

New York City’s “real-estate Queen” Barbara Corcoran understands the need to be fully in tune with your inner thought world.  Speaking about self-improvement, Corcoran said, “Don’t you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct.”  The power of instinct can be tied directly to the benefits of coloring, knows Schmitz.  “The greatest challenge facing us today is that we’ve lost touch with our gut-instincts.  We find ourselves in a hectic frenzy and switch into “function” mode.  This is exactly where coloring, even and especially for adults, comes into play.  The meditative-like state that coloring brings helps to leave the crazies behind and embrace the moment.  It is at this point where the subconscious is finally able catch a breath and start to work out issues our “gut” used to be able to guide us through,” confirms Schmitz.  “Learning or re-learning to listen to your gut is a key state and essential if you are open to working on self improvement.  That’s why we’re really excited about this month’s Bonanza and offering a fun entry into the world of coloring.”

“We anticipate a lot of exposure around this event, for both colorists and the artists we select to feature during the event, so we really want to showcase those professional artists who actually have their ‘elbows in grease’, working hard every day and willing to share that experience to benefit a whole,” Schmitz explains. “We based our selection on the win-win factor so that we know our guests will be entertained, educated and edified, in essence thankful for taking the time to drop by.  We also want to know that our artists will come away from the event feeling fantastic and knowing that they’ve spent their time well and built important relationships with their colorers.”

With several coloring book artists expressing interest in participating, Inkovator is happy  to make an announcement revealing the final participating artists this month.

Dan Howard of Dan Cin Art Studio

Anne Manera of Art by Anne Manera

Lisa Fischler Greenhut of Turtle Moon Press

Tina Golden of Doodle Time Designs

Jennifer Zimmerman of Modern Coloring

Erica Henry of Coffee And Coloring

Heidi Berthiaume of Vintage Coloring

Andrea Wood Schmitz of Inkovator

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Date:  Sept. 10, 2016, 11 am EDT-20 pm EDT



Company Name: Inkovator
Contact Person: Andrea Wood Schmitz
Phone: 004960817738
Country: Germany