Certified Holistic Health Coach Shanna Rathbone Joins Hosted Weekly Radio Show and Contributes to The Silver Linings Storybook Volume 3

Certified Holistic Health Coach Shanna Rathbone Joins Hosted Weekly Radio Show and Contributes to The Silver Linings Storybook Volume 3

Certified Holistic Health Coach and PTSD awareness advocate and autoimmune disease survivor Shanna Rathbone will be bringing her healthy lifestyle insights to a weekly radio show with Rick Delgado, and in bestselling book The Silver Linings Storybook.

Her military past and high-achieving personality drove her to success, but it also came with a lot of stress, which created emotional unease and physical disease.

Not wanting to repeat the pattern of health choices modeled by her family, Rathbone decided to focus her attention and energy on learning how to improve her own health – setting an example for her own children and showing them how to process the stress that they will inevitably experience.

Rathbone is educated through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and in her coaching business she helps people reform their health, literally from the roots. “I conduct in depth health histories and practice active listening to get to the root of my clients issues. Many times the problem they come to me with, ends up revealing a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. I offer a 6-month program, meeting for an hour every other week where we work through the issues that many people don’t even realize are holding them back from fully experiencing life. When we get to the root of the issue, by making lifestyle and dietary changes and filling the nutritional gaps with key deficient supplements, they start seeing small victories and begin moving forward with healing. This is how my I help my clients gain clarity – and more importantly, confidence and hope!”

Her new regular radio appearance on The Professionals Roundtable with Rick Delgado began after being interviewed live in late 2017, when both Rick and his listening audience were impressed by Rathbone’s ability to clear away the public misinformation about health, and define the difference between marketing hype and reality – they asked for her to return on a weekly basis. The interview is posted at www.ShannaRathbone.com

Rathbone’s participation in the bestselling series The Silver Linings Storybook is to help share her story on a larger platform and develop an early audience for her upcoming first book Roots to Wellness (working title), which is slated to be published early 2019.

Contributing coauthors to The Silver Linings Storybook share their personal stories of overcoming various types of adversity, and Rathbone was asked to participate because of her ability to see the advantage she’s personally gained by going through her struggles. www.SilverLiningsStorybook.com 

Debilitated by 7 different autoimmune illnesses for nearly 8 years, one of which could have ended her life, and grieving the loss of her mother who passed away after living a very poor lifestyle for most of her life was the genesis for her change. “While grieving, I was surprised by the amount of resentment that I felt. It was then and there that I decided I never wanted my children to feel those feelings toward me. I wanted them to see me as a fighter and an over comer, not a victim of my illnesses. I was determined to change my health so I could be around for many many years, for my children. So I went back to school to become a Holistic Health Coach, to learn as much as I could about my body, how it really worked and how I could make changes to either reduce my symptoms naturally or possibly reverse the illnesses themselves. I was amazed with what I learned that I had no clue about and doctors had never told me about. Like really important things!”

Supporting her main cause to educate people about what’s really “healthy” and what’s marketing hype, the TV show Dr. Oz recently shared insights from Dr. Mark Hyman (a professor of Rathbone’s at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition), who revealed the sugar industry has fueled a national health crisis by hiding vital research results, and paying off or silencing their own paid researchers.

In 2012 ex dentist Dr. Cristin Kearns was the first person to unearth the nearly 50-year old sugar industry lost confidential research documents, at a library that had inherited boxes of paperwork from a bankrupt sugar company.

Rathbone is currently continuing her education in a Doctor of Naturopathy program at the Trinity School of Natural Health, and also to become a certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer.

In 2018 she will expand her audience and host more speaking engagements, to help those who have struggled like she did. “I am a military veteran, a child of substance abuse, a woman who dealt with emotional and physical abuse, and a wife and mother who was debilitated by illness until I found the hope and strength to dig my way out and create a better, healthier life. I am determined. I am a fighter.”

Rathbone donates funds to support the Disabled American Veterans and will continue to become more actively involved in working with similar organizations, to help fundraise and increase awareness.

For more information on Shanna Rathbone and her media appearances, visit www.FindingTheRoots.com

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