J Maggio, Top Producing Realtor With Conlon Real Estate Discusses Upgrading or Moving From The City To The Suburbs On Remarkable Radio WCKG AM/FM Chicago

Top Producing Realtor with Conlon Real Estate, J Maggio, was the featured guest on Remarkable Radio WCKG AM/FM Chicago with host Mark Imperial talking about upgrading or moving from the city to the suburbs

On a recent episode of Remarkable Radio WCKG AM/FM Chicago with Mark Imperial, J Maggio, Top Producing Realtor with Conlon Real Estate, discussed upgrading or moving from the city to the suburbs.

According to Maggio, folks wanting to move from the city to the suburbs have great choices.

Maggio, said “For many people that don’t want to leave the city – they have a struggle – they still want to have an urban or downtown type atmosphere. For a lot of my clients, we target neighborhoods like Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, right along the train tracks. You still get that quaint little downtown, with walkable sidewalks – all that fun stuff for the kids and that keeps the everyone happy”.

When host Mark Imperial asked about challenges they face Maggio answered, “I think there’s a perception that in the suburbs, you can get any amount of space you want for whatever your budget. There’s always sticker shock. A lot of these suburbs are just as is desirable some of the hottest neighbors in the city right now. So I think managing the expectation of ‘what is your top priority; is it the proximity to the train; is it the school district specifically’. Is it the type of house; how new it is; the finishes. A lot of these homes that are older need work, and how much work does somebody want to put into it. And I think just navigating them through that process – taxes, and how far they are going to go as far as how much more do you want to spend in some areas on taxes, and are the schools that much better. Just weighing those back and forth in helping people ultimately land on the right spot”.

During the Interview Maggio shared how online home shopping can leave you in the dark with many variables, explaining, “What they need is an advocate, a consultant if you will, that’s going be able to guide them through the process and understand if this a smart choice. Like, what are the things that I should be concerned with and what are the negatives? Here’s why this price seem too low – why is this price higher. My business has turned more into ‘Hey, here’s five properties that we’re thinking about. Can you give us your feedback and if it passes your test, we’d like to go see them.’ And that’s great and I think it’s a testament to how long I’ve been doing this and how my expertise is just knowing homes and understanding where the pitfalls are going to be, from a resale standpoint and things of that nature”.

J Maggio is a Top Producing Realtor with Conlon Real Estate. J has ranked among the Chicago Association of Realtors’ Top Producers and has been honored as an @properties Road to Rolex recipient. He has also advanced in his industry, earning such prestigious designations as Accredited Buyers Rep (ABR), Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE) and Short Sale Foreclosure Resource (SFR).

The interview concluded with Maggio saying “We have cell phones now that are so publicly listed that you know you could pretty much Google it, but if you want to e-mail me a j@jmaggio.com or you can call me on my cell at 312-450-0012. I’m happy to help anybody that I can”.

To listen to the full interview on Remarkable Radio WCKG AM/FM Chicago, visit https://www.wckg.com/remarkableradio/j-maggio/.

To learn more about J Maggio, please visit http://jmaggio.com.

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