The Only Certified Skin Expert of Chinese Medi-Facial Treatments, Michelle Valeri, Returns Home to Open New Skin Studio in McKinney

Published on July 20, 2017

Michelle Valeri who was raised and educated in Plano, Texas, has recently opened her new skin consulting studio, MV Skin Consulting, in Salon of Volterra in McKinney, Texas.

Valeri is the sole skin care expert in the state of Texas currently certified as a Pi Fu Zhuan Jia, making her a skin expert trained in Eastern philosophical strategies. She was hand-selected by the program founder for her apprenticeship in 2014, and while refining her skills she has since expanded her specialized training to include ancient Chinese massage techniques for the face.

Valeri is trained in Eastern and Western philosophy for skin care, as well as integration of the two. Additionally, she is a licensed aesthetician who helps heal the most complex and advanced skin conditions for clients, including during cancer treatments; often they’ve tried everything else and only found healing skin when trying her unique approach.

Previously Valeri was co-owner of a chiropractic clinic in Tennessee for nearly 20 years, so she has always had a holistic approach. Additionally, she owned a skin spa in Tennessee for four years, so Valeri knows from experience with thousands of clients, a holistic approach is what works. Working with clients, she provides exactly what both their skin and body need to achieve balance and health, for a healing improvement to their skin. Valeri is dedicated to helping individual clients experience clear, healthy, and balanced skin.

She accomplishes this by continually tweaking and customizing the client’s program, so they can enjoy balance and health, for a healing improvement to their skin. Many people turn to dermatologists, aestheticians, or plastic surgeons to treat their skin first, often making Valeri “the last resort” person who fixes the errors of others. And it works; the toughest problem cases, that no one has been able to resolve, is when she can eliminate the problem!  


When discussing why this path is so important to her, Valeri says “Skin is my passion. I want to empower you to look and feel better. I help your skin with whatever it needs to repair itself so it doesn’t age so fast. I love watching a client’s confidence and self-esteem soar because they feel better about themselves. This is so rewarding.”

A key factor attracting people to try her spa clinic is her non-invasive and natural solutions; clients experience no downtime, trauma, or contra-indications.

Previously featured in Day Spa Magazine, Valeri has had her business recognized by peers and a local chamber of commerce, and has given eye-opening, educational, and easy to understand presentations at trade conventions for wellness entrepreneurs and their staff, and organizations like After Breast Cancer and Georgia Career Institute; her largest presenting audience is more than 3,000 people. In addition to sharing her passion for overcoming skin conditions in holistic ways,

Valeri has been dedicated to helping others throughout her career and intends to set up a partnership with a local not for profit organization who support those overcoming skin conditions related to illness and cancer treatment, and trauma survivors. She’s been collecting gifts and food for families at Christmas for more than 15 years, and teddy bears for children who were victims of abuse.

To help a larger audience of people suffering with skin issues create their own holistic approach to reach their own unique skin care goals, Valeri has recently released a straightforward new book, Flawless Skin: The 80/20 Solution; available on Amazon at and at her website, to download free. For more information about Michelle Valeri visit

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