Lake District Businesses Can Align with The English Lakes World Heritage Brand.

Published on July 21, 2017

The English Lake District National Park was Designated a World Heritage Site on 9th July 2017. Businesses in Cumbria and the National Park have the opportunity to align with the World Heritage Brand.

David Birchall, a member of the Lake District National Park Authority Business Task Force welcomes the opportunity to align his company’s brand, Artemis Media UK to the English Lakes World Heritage Brand.

Nestled in the North West of England UK, in the County of Cumbria UK, the National Park is one of the most visited sites in the UK averaging some 18.41 million visitors annually.

The Park hosts England’s Longest Lake, Highest Mountain and Deepest lake. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK, referred to so often in William Wordsworth’s works and those of Beatrix Potter. Now a World Heritage Site, the English Lakes have been populated and worked for many centuries.

The visitor can experience some dreamy villages giving a feeling of almost stepping back in time. But do not be fooled, it is a busy place, for within the curtilages of the park and the surrounding county of Cumbria a considerable number of people live and work as they have for many hundreds of years.

Today, Leisure, hospitality and catering as well as agriculture play a the most visible part in the economy, but that belies the hidden gems of suppliers to the Defense Industry, the Digital Industries, Artists, High End Engineering, a range of Service Sector businesses, the Energy sector, Lake Steamers, Museums, Art Galleries, Boat building, Forestry, Transport, Horticulture, Brewing, Medical Services, Swill Making and much more demonstrating a vibrant economy. All of this lends itself to the diversity and interaction with the county’s other communities out-with the National Park curtilage.

The Park as we see it now, was formed over two millennia by the people and industries who worked the land from agriculture to Iron Making. The latter needing the forests to fuel its fires for forging under two of the most famous of Iron Masters, Isaac and John Wilkinson and at this time, this small corner of the world was a World Leader in this field.

Others wanted power from the rivers for driving cotton and woollen mills and in the nineteenth century, Industrial manufacturing took many shapes, not least of which was the making of gunpowder.

But those days are past and it’s now the turn of newer industries to maintain the National Park for future generations and communities. World Heritage Status does not mean it will be frozen in time, rather that its evolution will continue.

Today, modern businesses can collaborate to keep the essence and culture of the Lakes National Park. All can work at securing its future and that of the communities aided by using the prestige derived from such a strong brand as the World Heritage Designation.

The new brand of The English Lakes World Heritage gives leverage to local businesses in marketing the “who they are”, and “what they do”. The aligning of any business brand to that of the World Heritage Site adds a conferred authority to even the smallest business when used effectively.

Birchall said: “Branding is so important in today’s business world, no matter what you do. Aligning a small business brand to the status of a World Heritage Brand helps smaller firms promote their own business alongside a ‘World Recognized’ brand. When this happens, it tends to uplift the smaller brand when marketed properly.”

He went on to say: “Rarely do small local companies get the opportunity to link their brand in such a way and it is important to become known as an Authority or Expert at what you do. It’s one of the factors that the search engines look for as part of their process of establishing page rank. Search Engines seek to find out how important you and your brand is when seen against other brands, and aligning brands in this way ‘lends’ some authority from the ‘Big Brand’ to that of the smaller business. It’s just one factor out of many they consider, but it’s not often such an alignment like this is afforded to small businesses.”

The Business Task Force will be working with the Lake District National Park Authority and its partners to help Cumbrian Companies benefit from World Heritage Status.

Birchall concluded by saying: “If you run a business within the Lake District National Park or the County of Cumbria, now is your chance to align with a World Heritage brand. Then, plan how you generate your ‘Authority’ within your sector for winning more business. Everyone should be thinking ‘World Heritage, World Class, World Beaters’ and use this opportunity to become just that.”

Company Name: Artemis Media UK
Contact Person: David Birchall
Phone: +44 1539531338
Country: UK