Chad Collins Adds Social Media Community to Teen Counseling and Mentoring Program

Chad T. Collins brings Social Media and Teen Counseling and Mentoring together to create the BroFist Challenge support group.

Chad T. Collins was recently interviewed on the subject of counseling and mentoring teenaged boys. Chad reveals one unique element of his program in the interview, a new social media ‘Frat House’, where teenage boys can meet and provide mutual support as they work through their problems.

Chad’s counseling program is a direct result of taking his passion for training from the boardroom to the schoolroom. As a high school teacher, he gets a close look at what is bothering the students. “I help teenage dudes get an all-around better attitude and outlook on life through personal expansion and growth,” says Chad. He and the students he counsels focus on “the four core areas of life that will be most important to them. These are family, faith, finance, and fitness.”

His focus is on helping teen high school boys. “I take them through a journey of self-discovery, put a new lens on things, and give them the tools, mindset and outlook on life that will forever change them,” says Chad. His students can “apply these each day to their life and able to achieve a better success and outcome.”

He limits his counseling and mentoring to boy and an occasional father. “Having once been one myself, I know all the struggles and what it was like and what type of issues that you go through,” he said. The program Chad has developed, the Brofist 90 Day Challenge, takes them through an awakening process. He says, “They take an honest look at themselves, but they must be willing first to make the changes that support their goals.”

Accountability is a key factor in the program. Setting and meeting goals teaches the students to complete what they start, and Chad says, “Those are goals we come up with together. That’s where the coaching piece meets up with accountability.”

The Challenge exposes the boys to new ideas and concepts. “They need,” said Chad, “to be able to try on new ideas, just like you might try on new clothes.” The new ideas may come directly from Chad, or they may come from students who have already gone through the program. Creating a safe social environment where “they’re not in it alone”, says Chad, helps them develop new ideas and skills as they “become responsible for their thoughts.”

Chad also extends the offer of help to the occasional father. Many times the parents are frustrated as the students he counsels. The parents realize, says Chad, “That all of these threats, all the punishments, and all this anger – it is just not working. That’s when they realize they might need a coach to be there to help give them guidance.”

“I will work specifically with the dads and take them from an ‘everyday dad’ to the ‘daddy on fire’,” Chad says that he doesn’t work well with moms because he lacks their perspective. He says, “(the father-Son relationship) is what I know, that’s what I do on a day in and day out basis, and what I’ve done since I began working with youth.”

Chad learned many of the lessons he passes on in his own life. “I wasn’t always the best father to my son,” he admits. “I got caught up in the trappings of success. It’s the everyday dad story. When they have this awakening, it is just like the teen dudes go through. I encourage everybody to grow through life, not just go through life.”

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