International Best Seller Christine Love Launches Done-For-You Strategic Author Marketing Program For Small Business Owners

Christine Love, Marketing Director of Strategic Author Marketing Group announced the launch of a new Done-For-You Strategic Author Marketing program that helps Small Business Owners become published authors within 90-days.

“Small Business Owners have been looking for a reliable way to gain influence, credibility and expert status so they can have greater relevance within their communities,” said Christine Love, No 1 International Bestseller of the book, Strategic Author Marketing.

As a result of Love’s desire to meet the needs of her busy clientele, she developed a Done-For-You Strategic Author Marketing Program which is designed to take any business owner from idea to being a published author in less than 90-days.

According to Love, the biggest challenge business owners have to overcome is the lack of belief in their qualifications to write a book. However, with this new done-for-you option, all writing has been eliminated from the book publishing process. 

A telephone interview replaces the traditional author creation process by getting the book content out of the business owners head and onto an audio recording that will become the published book.

In order to qualify for this new program, the applicants must have a working knowledge of their industry. According to Love, competence cannot be faked so even though the applicant doesn’t have to write their book, they must be able to speak intelligently about their industry.

Being a published author allows the business owner to re-define their business in a way that serves the highest needs of their clients while establishing expert status, influence and credibility for the business owner.

Love calls this, “Strategic Author Marketing.”

According to Love, the foundation of most business difficulties is the lack of strategy established before any tactical marketing process is executed. Strategy development is one of the very first steps of the done-for-you authorship process so the business owner’s book is founded upon a strategy that can be integrated into every marketing channel.

Ultimately, marketing any business as a strategic author positions the small business owner to operate from a level of authority that may not be achieved with any other marketing vehicle.

For the first time in history, the average entrepreneur, professional and small business owner can become a published author in as little as 90-days. This opens the door for new marketing opportunities that were previously reserved for the rich and famous.

As a published author, business owners are in a unique position to separate themselves from their competition, elevate their status within their community and eliminate price resistance because they are positioned correctly in the marketplace.

This unique advantage gives the business owner a sense of freedom because they no longer have to operate by the same standards as their competition.

Currently, only buyers of The Strategic Author Marketing book qualify to participate in the done-for-you authorship program. However, Love states, she will be extending the program to all small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide before the new year.

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