Change Management Expert Mike Lehr’s Organization Change Tactics Article Published in Business Innovators Magazine

Published on March 12, 2015

Change management expert Mike Lehr provides sound advice on efficient organizational change tactics for corporate and family owned businesses.

March 12, 2015 – Akron, Ohio

Omega Z Advisors, an organizational change consultancy, today announced the publication of the interview of change management industry leader Mike Lehr on Business Innovators Magazine. Mike Lehr, owner of Omega Z Advisors, LLC, helps businesses create meaningful change in their culture and internal politics. Mike Lehr’s insights steer companies to create change by targeting efforts on the leaders or initiators within the respective organization.

Since 2003, Mike Lehr, President of Omega Z Advisors, LLC has offered his expertise as a change management specialist, navigating people and processes through change. His prior experience of 18 years in the financial services industry helped hone his abilities to make positive change within organizations. Mike Lehr offers his thoughts on a common financial and motivational pitfall in The Big Money Pit in Organization Change. The article states that studies show that only a third of all change efforts provide significant results. In the interview, Lehr talks about the money pit and how to avoid it.

The interview is initiated with the inevitability of change and the cost and time involved in this risky endeavor. Lehr is queried as to the area of biggest waste of money and effort. Lehr responds: “The biggest waste is that leaders do not apply the same business sense to change that they do to their business.” He compares training everyone equally to a farmer planting seeds in the soil regardless of soil quality and stating that this is a huge money pit. To see the best results, he believes in focusing efforts on the initiators of an organization.The rest will follow suit as they want to become like them. Leadership and a business culture that supports the initiators are essential to keep the momentum going.

“As with any movement, we find and organize our best supporters”, states Mike Lehr, President of Omega Z Advisors, LLC. “It is not about changing some people and not others. It is about changing people at different times that suit their personalities and circumstances.”

Omega Z Advisors, LLC helps clients make the right moves towards effective organizational change. They are available in a number of capacities. Their roles include, but are not limited to, an advisory role, speaking engagements, contractors or trainers. Businesses can take advantage of Mike Lehr’s experience and achieve desired results while eliminating costly mistakes.

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