Paradise Valley Weekly Publishes 250th Edition, Celebrating 5 Years Covering the Most Expensive Real Estate in Arizona

Published on March 11, 2015

The first and only weekly publication focused exclusively on Paradise Valley, Arizona real estate reaches milestone 250th edition, after 5 years of publication.

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ – The small, exclusive community of Paradise Valley can boast something that is normally reserved for large cities: a weekly publication devoted specifically to real estate. Interest in the community has spread way beyond Arizona, with readers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, and Mexico.

“Despite the fact that Paradise Valley has the most expensive real estate of any town in Arizona, there was no weekly coverage prior to our publication,” said editor and founder Alex Goldstein. “It’s difficult to tell what’s happening in our small community when the information is being lumped in with all of metropolitan Phoenix.”

In 2014, no other agent represented more buyers of $3 million+ homes in Paradise Valley than Goldstein. He has closed tens of millions of dollars of real estate investments as principal, besides the transactions for his clients. He is also a bestselling author with two books currently in print. Goldstein’s love of writing goes back to his college days at Northwestern University, where he received honors for his senior thesis.

“People are making a serious financial decision when buying or selling a home in Paradise Valley. They deserve timely analysis of every home bought, sold, and listed in the community. We provide that analysis, free of charge, every week for the entire community. We also put this information in context and help people make decisions, so they’re not just getting inundated with useless statistics or lousy listings.”

When asked what’s next, Goldstein replied “Another 250 editions of Paradise Weekly, and my next real estate book will be published this year. After that’s done I finally I get to publish a book about the only thing I love more than real estate: wine.”

Some of the topics that have been covered in-depth over the past 250 editions of Paradise Valley Weekly:

* Off Market Properties

* Most Common Mistakes of Home Sellers

* Valuation of Paradise Valley Properties

* Creative Financing Strategies

* Jumbo Lending Opportunities and Challenges

* Special Considerations When Investing in Luxury Homes

* Asset Protection Strategies for Luxury Homes

* Techniques for Finding Bargains

* Luxury Home Inspection Tips

* Negotiation Strategies

* Analysis of Local Real Estate Statistics

These subjects and more will be covered in future editions of Paradise Valley Weekly.

More information about Paradise Valley Weekly and Alex Goldstein can be found at

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